Sunday, October 3, 2010

moon shadows winery/haliburton part 2

back to the campground.
i have moved inbetween the last post and now, thus the MIA status
more on that later

thats a map of our campground.  the dark line on the right indicates the road.  the pink dot in the middle is the cabin and inbetween is all uphill.

 thats our campfire and marshmallow art

some signs along the way

speaking of moose; thats the local radio station

some beauty along the way

then we find the best sign of all.... moon shadows estate winery.
theres carol.... she is so friendly and she gave special k and i lots of samples.
"Moon Shadows Estate Winery, Ontario's first Maple Winery, specializing in wines made from Haliburton Maple Syrup and Ontario grown tree fruit and berries."

 im not sure how far they ship, but believe me, it is worth finding out if you love maple and you love wine!!!

 time got away from me or i would have been back for more.
 pretty sure they will ship to where i am :)

 all for now.  part 3 to follow shortly

 ~ the pooch x


  1. good to hear how the camping trip went///I love marshmallow art! ....maple syrup wine sounds anything with maple syrup!

  2. I was wondering where you went. Your camping trip looks very cool. That turtle crossing sign made me chuckle - you wouldn't want to be in a hurry. xx

  3. Wine from maple syrup! I haven't lived. It sounds like you're having a great time.

  4. Hi Laura - thanks for commenting on my blog - hope you follow it! glad you got to Ireland too and enjoyed it. I like your blog and all those moose-inspired radio stations - another world from this neck of the woods! I haven't been to Canada - it's on my bucket list though. By the way - just looking at your Shelfari selection that appeared and saw Damien Lewis's Tears of the Desert there - I met him in Lismore in June as he spoke at our Literary Festival of Travel Writing! Small world indeed. I have the book but haven't read it yet.
    Thanks for visiting and I'll reply over on my blog - Catherine.

  5. I like the idea of a winery where I camp! sounds beaut!

  6. Wonderful marshmallow art there pooch.. and love the industrial style art... looking forward to the next post... ciao ciao xxx Julie

  7. Moose country! Like the wild, wild west...with wine and marshmallows! Looked like a great time for you and your girls.

  8. OMG wine from maple syrup...I'm on my way (I wish)...enjoy and here's cheers to a glass of wine...Dzintra♥x

  9. Oh Laura,
    Your camping trip looked like great fun..... lots of wildlife, beautiful scenery and, the best of all.....a visit to the winery !!!! Fantastic.
    I have to say that, we have visited an awful lot of the States and it is a very beautiful country.
    .....and, we did a great deal of walking UP on our holiday in Italy, so I know what you mean.
    The wine sounds can tell what part of your camping trip I would rnjoy most, can't you !! hehe XXXX

  10. Hi there, thanks for your comment... wow, that looks like a great camping trip. Am now craving toasted marshmallows, but will have to settle for half a packet of biscuits instead.

  11. Malvavisco, es una golosina que en españa se le concoce por "nubes". Muy curioso la forma en que se cocina. Lo probaré¡¡¡¡

  12. Do you know what I most enjoy here, Laura? The turtle sign! I've never seen this before and it's so cool! Hope it really helps preventing our crawling friends from being hit.

  13. Beautiful place to camp. I am sure you had a good time.


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