Sunday, October 31, 2010

ceee-le-brate good times, c'mon

 i read those words recently in somebodys blog....
now its been stuck in my mind

 this move must be lucky
 i won a giveaway from luiza
 heres a link    if you dont know her, shes awesome

see all the pretty things she sent?


now i would like to share my good fortune
i have gathered some things that represent prince edward island
(, im not sending potatoes !!)

if you are interested, just say so in your comment (because im sure not everyone would be)
and i will pick randomly

a tiny anne of green gables, salt water taffy in a lobster cage, a starfish

a few treats from the chocolate shop, and a few other surprises

you dont have to follow or do anything crazy
just say if it interests you

these pics are from the green gables shores coast road just east of cavendish PEI


now heres the song    wa hooo

ev-ery-one a-round the world c'mon!

~ all for now the pooch xx

Friday, October 22, 2010

ch ch ch changes

im really not sure where to start.
maybe this will help
i know .... its not bowie, but trust me i wont forget him.  especially at a time like this. :)

 some people have all the right words and can express exactly what they want to say.  i think i say things  differently but here are some of stars from the link above

"changes, ive never been good with change.  
i hate it when it all stays the same. 
caught between the gold and the gain."

 i have learned that there is a fine line between excitement and fear.
for me the fear is mostly about things staying the same

 i have moved.... off on a new adventure
the house / home that i had, i loved
sadly, it got the best of me...
but then maybe i got the best of it too

an opportunity came my way
some friends asked me to house-sit their place for an undetermined amount of time
in prince edward island, east coast canada
even though it felt a little scary and sad leaving my kids, all my friends and family...
a little voice inside me said "dont you DARE say no!"
so here i am

also i have changed my name to pooch purple reign
i reserve pooch morning glory for a time when "other pooch" returns
in the meantime i continue to fly solo
with that being said, 
i am sad to leave and my heart hurts a bit, 
but i trust in good things to come.

 the pics above are all of the pier at goderich harbour the day before i left.
it was a wild day but warm and fun
the pic below is the backyard of the house looking pretty good

and the pic below is the pumpkin. 
it never did get any bigger but its still cute

also, since this is a celebration
i have collected a few items that represent PEI
where the next chapter of my life will unfold
i would like to share this little package
with someone from my blog group
this is to show my appreciation for the kindness and good fortune that has been bestowed upon me.
i will post a pic in a few days

SO...... back to the business of pooching about
apparently its up to me to report the sights and sounds of this beautiful little island
theres much to explore, things to do and people to see

until next time.....
i end this post with the best part... turn it up

"I still don't know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild
A million dead-end streets
Every time I thought I'd got it made
It seemed the taste was not so sweet
So I turned myself to face me
But I've never caught a glimpse
Of how the others must see the faker
I'm much too fast to take that test"


~ pooch purple reign xx

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the last pics of haliburton

 this is the last of the photos from the camping trip.
 the first here is a look inside the wall of a straw bale constructed building. 
the description follows

 the next couple of shots are of the road that we took from the camp ground to haliburton each day.
the rocks would be part of the canadian shield
for more info and some more pics look here

 checked out some yoga and qi gong classes here.  she really is an awesome instructor.  she integrated mindfulness and meditation into her sessions.  she rocks.

the next few pics are from the sculpture forest at the haliburton school of the arts.  it was neat.  you just walk thru the forest and find these in random places
we ate here.  excellent soy latte.  

 and we ate in this awesome pizza place near our campground.  i cant remember the name but it sure was memorable pizza!  we went back twice

and last we went to the wolf center.  theres a cool story about this on the website below
when we went, we heard the story of how the center evolved, then walked into the forest and howled.
usually the pack will howl back but likely they were not in close enough vicinity for us to hear them
the guide assured us that they would hear us
it was interesting and fun!

 lastly, above is my little friend.  i call her strawberry shortcake
that pic was taken at the wolf center when we were supposed to be listening....

 so much has happened since this camping trip.
the next post will begin to fill in the gap

all for now...

~the pooch xxoo

Sunday, October 3, 2010

moon shadows winery/haliburton part 2

back to the campground.
i have moved inbetween the last post and now, thus the MIA status
more on that later

thats a map of our campground.  the dark line on the right indicates the road.  the pink dot in the middle is the cabin and inbetween is all uphill.

 thats our campfire and marshmallow art

some signs along the way

speaking of moose; thats the local radio station

some beauty along the way

then we find the best sign of all.... moon shadows estate winery.
theres carol.... she is so friendly and she gave special k and i lots of samples.
"Moon Shadows Estate Winery, Ontario's first Maple Winery, specializing in wines made from Haliburton Maple Syrup and Ontario grown tree fruit and berries."

 im not sure how far they ship, but believe me, it is worth finding out if you love maple and you love wine!!!

 time got away from me or i would have been back for more.
 pretty sure they will ship to where i am :)

 all for now.  part 3 to follow shortly

 ~ the pooch x