Saturday, August 28, 2010

road trip haliburton part 1

pooch special k and i went on a camping trip to  haliburton ontario.  this is a very popular destination in ontario as it is very beautiful

the map shows part of the journey.  i think it was 5-6 hours to drive.

yes.... it says git R done on the back window

this was an interesting moment...  we were all about stopping at little shops checking for cool stuff; maybe some wild blueberries
a sign on the side of the road says store ahead... open
so we go in ... and it smells so musty, like it just opened that day from being boarded shut for 10 years
this dude and a pregnant woman sitting on the porch
 almost like a scene from deliverance....  but they were SO friendly.  it was just a bit bizarre
we bought a coke and a ginger ale for our mix for later 

this was our little shack.  it was awesome.  better than a tent

high luxury for a camping trip

we rescued the fork from the flames

the view from our campsite.  the lake is beyond the trees at the bottom

peace and groovy happenings

special k 's special breakfast

these are a few shots from around haliburton

theres more to come.  it was a fun week

~the pooch xx


  1. wow laura! what a great place for camping! and it looks like FUN!!

    have a great weekend ;)

  2. Wonderful..I am waiting more pics to see..

  3. Thank you for taking Pooch Special K out and about. I'm glad she gets to have adventures.

  4. What an adorable cabin. Wish it was in my back yard....


  5. Hey Pooch
    I think I would prefer this cabin to camping in a tent.... and looks like beautiful countryside there...

    Mr Deliverance cracked me up... I think I would find it a bit bizarre too.. Imagine waking up to him each morning.. haha.. Have a great weekend.. and love the wilderness pics.. xxx Julie

  6. Wow, what a delightful way to spend a week camping...wish you'd taken me along! Loved the shot of the guy that made you think of Deliverance!!! and that cabin--anyone could handle that!
    thanks for showing it to us. It was truly a day brightener!

  7. This seems like a wonderful place to be =)!
    And that little cottage , is just so cosy, with a adorable view =)!

    Have a wonderful start of your week!

  8. Nice post and cool blog!

    If you'd like, come check this one out sometime:

  9. wow wow wow- all SO cool! I love it! AND we have a place called Minto here( which I saw on the map)..

    Nothing better than camping in very nice places!!

  10. Genialel reportaje de tus vacaciones en el camping.Oh'' que casualidad¡¡¡ tengo una nevera portátil blanca y roja exacatamente igual que la tuya, la mia tiene ya más de 20 años ¡¡¡
    La caravana de los años 60 es auténtica¡¡
    El Malibú es muy bueno con piña :)

  11. That shack is too cute! You're braver than moi. I'm not the best camper. HA!

  12. Glad to know you had a great weekend. The little shack is so cool, especially on the first shot! Awesome reflection at the bottom.

  13. Now that's my kind of camping....a little bit rustic and a little bit cozy and safe.....

  14. Hi Laura,
    Looks like you had a great time in some stunning countryside.....and it just goes to prove that we all shouldn't make our minds up about people just by looking a them !!!! We've all done it.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. We had a great time in Italy but I'm always ready to come home. XXXX

  15. Hi Laura...what a cute cabin...and I see you have the Malibu too!!! I like it when you meed friendly country people like's cheers to you...Dzintra♥x

  16. This is my kind of camping, some comfort, but still back to nature, and what pretty nature, very peaceful.

  17. This trip really sounds exciting. The shots are beautiful.

  18. Looks so beautiful! Thanks for reminding me of all the wonderful memories I have of the North Woods. Someday we'll have to try camping in Ontario.

  19. hey pooch thanks for the visit and comment. I love your supply shelf!! Ha , ha...enough booze for a week...well done. Have a great end of the summer.

  20. Love your red little shack! And that pond is wonderful, too.

  21. Muchas gracias por compartir.
    Feliz semana

  22. Yes - but I didn't hear you say you took your Asics.... Didja didja?
    Ok - I'm really back now. Honest to Betsy!
    The camping trip sounds just heavenly

  23. What a cute and tiny little cottage. Looks like such a beautiful place!


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