Monday, December 5, 2011

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

I had company driving back from Ontario to PEI this fall, after the house closing.
We decided on a road trip, after the big road trip.

destination, peggys cove nova scotia

approximately 4 hours drive from where i live on the island

it's a magical place

just can't get enough

that reminded me of a song..... depeche mode
( just can't seem to get enough of mr. DG either *whhew*)

brings back some memories that pooch punk ang may or may not tell you about :)

awesome day !!

meanwhile, back on the ranch island

thats pooch purple reign, me, (left) and cousin pooch anne (right) hehe

see you soon
ontario or bust !
( back for family christmas holidays )

~ the pooch xx

Friday, November 18, 2011

off season

here are some pics from when pooch special k came to visit

these are on the north shore

in and around cavendish PEI

off season, of course

thats special k

a bit of a grey day, and chilly

but still pretty

all for now

~pooch xx

Sunday, November 6, 2011

not in kansas anymore.....

sunday, august 21, 2011

the following is a tribute to the town of goderich, ontario, canada where i raised my family and had a home for
12 years
a long, but deserving post

before and after photos of goderich ontario.   the result of
F3 tornado with 280 - 300 km per hour winds
 i found the pics on google images (above and below)

from wikipedia
On the afternoon of August 21, 2011, an F3[7] tornado touched down in the town, after coming ashore as a waterspout as the mesocyclone thunderstorm cell moved across Lake Huron. It was the strongest tornado that had hit Ontario since the Arthur, Ontario tornado of April 20, 1996, though on average, F3 tornadoes occur in Ontario every eight years. The devastating storm downed power lines, tore roofs off houses, and left cars and trees scattered along city streets. Hundred-year-old trees surrounding the Goderich Courthouse were uprooted in seconds. The tornado killed one person: Norman Laberge, 61, of Lucknow, who was working in a salt mine on the coast of Lake Huron when the storm hit. 37 people were injured. The Environment Canada weather forecast office in Toronto issued a tornado warning for Goderich and southern Huron County 12 minutes before the tornado struck.[8] The town does not have a tornado siren unlike some other Ontario cities.

i was home at the time, preparing my house for sale
my self and my home were not injured, although the most beautiful tree in the yard
crashed down ( only part of it ) and buried my car
believe me, it is nothing compared to what happened

i have attached a few video clips and words from others
i could not possibly say it better
all credit is shown on the youtube videos and written where i could find it

the above photo shows the tornado path from the lake to the salt evaporator
plant (photo by joe gowanlock)

"On August 21, 2011 an F3 Tornado ripped through my town and changed the
face of it forever. This is a 3 part story- the before, the
destruction and the cleanup. This is a tribute to those who lost, and those
who came to the aid of our community. The response from all those who
wanted to help was unbelievable, overwhelming and will never be forgotten.
It was amazing to see everyone from children to the pro's pitch in and do
whatever they could to help out.

Thank You All."

also a link to the town web site

another great video tribute/documentary

the following is a link to another video
made by an elvis impersonator in the goderich area.
well done,  mr granger

 i will post more updates on this later
much has changed since august........ in a good way
im pretty sure this is the sentiment of many goderich residents

 thanks pooch ninja for this pic

well said !!

~ pooch xx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

bye goderich... its been fun !

just in case anyone on the planet has been wondering where i have been.....

finally sold the house

the pooch palace is no more..... chapter closed

onward now

YAY back to PEI for the winter ( just got back sunday )and then who knows......

but i have no doubt it will be perfect !!

i have much to share but i will have to go back to july and start from there

happy autumn
its SO good to be back  ... blogging and PEI hehe

~ the pooch xx

Saturday, July 30, 2011

one fine day

i love how laundry looks when its drying in the sun 

then i planted some squash

im not totally sure whats planted in here.... it will be a surprise

my neighbour eurie gave me this sweet chair.
any cool ideas what i can do with it??

and last, ice cream.  special east coast flavours

i havent tried them yet.... maybe when im back

i took all these pics before i left the island
im back in ontario for the summer

ah, the ontario heat !!
all for now

~pooch purple reign xx

Sunday, May 29, 2011

winter wonderland / pooch visit

no, i do not wish for the snow to be back 
but in these photos it is just so absolutely pretty,
i couldnt resist.

it was just such a perfect day


most of these pics are taken in brookvale winter activity  park
prince edward island
theres all kinds of fun things to do there

 2 little pooches came to visit.  thats my youngest on the left,  baby pooch and her cutie friend on the right,
pooch christine 16

i love them

we skied one day and snowshoed another

found these guys along the trail

such gorgeous days arent common around here in winter
so we were really grateful


thats the snow drift behind the barn.  (my pooch on the right)

our beverages to celebrate a really fun few days

cheers to memorable visits !!
Love you girls

and.... here it is, just for fun, check it out

~ pooch xxoo