Sunday, October 31, 2010

ceee-le-brate good times, c'mon

 i read those words recently in somebodys blog....
now its been stuck in my mind

 this move must be lucky
 i won a giveaway from luiza
 heres a link    if you dont know her, shes awesome

see all the pretty things she sent?


now i would like to share my good fortune
i have gathered some things that represent prince edward island
(, im not sending potatoes !!)

if you are interested, just say so in your comment (because im sure not everyone would be)
and i will pick randomly

a tiny anne of green gables, salt water taffy in a lobster cage, a starfish

a few treats from the chocolate shop, and a few other surprises

you dont have to follow or do anything crazy
just say if it interests you

these pics are from the green gables shores coast road just east of cavendish PEI


now heres the song    wa hooo

ev-ery-one a-round the world c'mon!

~ all for now the pooch xx


  1. The sea is beautiful in your little corner of the world, Laura. Oh and Luiza did send you some lovely treasures. Happy hugs for the new week ahead sweet friend xxxx

  2. Cool win Laura!!! Awesome pics of the ocean...sounds like a good move...And yes I'm interested...please count me in...Dzintra♥x

  3. There's a party going on around here.. a celebration.. to last ??? the whole year? can't remember the words

    Woo hoo Pooch.. you won the giveaway,.. lucky you.. and well your's is fun!! I'm a little obsessed with A of GG at present.. Seem to be seeing her everywhere lately and recently rewatched the 3 movies with Megan Felllows and and old classic with the actress Anne Shirley!!! Ok enough about the movies..

    So I have never experienced salt water taffy.. don't even know what it is ... but.. I'll have to refrain as most of this wouldn't get through customs!! especially the starfish!!!

    Have a great week hope your Halloween was fab.. ciao xxx Julie

  4. but darn.. i want the chocolate!! haha

  5. gosh laura!
    i love all your pictures. i 'grew up' w anne hence i love anne.. hehe
    and the pictures of the beach, that pictures were exactly on the film too!! both in anne of green gables and road to avonlea ;)

  6. That's a great tune to get stuck in your mind!well maybe..I'll let you know later! ....Anne was a big fave with me as a kid...was so disappointed when I finished reading all of them. I guess P.E.I is Anne crazy! I love all the stuff in your basket...count me in!Hope you are enjoying your new home! It looks fabulous with all that ocean and beach... great beachcombing!

  7. Hi my sweet friend!
    Thank you for all the kind words!
    Happy you like the things I sent you =)!

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. The sea pics are lovely, Laura!
    Regarding your comment: a 7 kms long bridge over ice?! Wow! That sounds fantastic! Hope to see some photos soon! :-)

  9. Fly Solo Purple Reign! Prince Edward Island sounds amazing. What an adventure. Heck Ya, count me in on goodies from there...

  10. Hi, came from Susans blog...
    First time here, you have a great blog... The pics of the shore are so very tranquil and serene!!
    Have a great week ahead:)

  11. What a fabulous bunch of goodies! And that song always makes me happy!

  12. I love your new home Laura. Its such a wonderful adventure and I am sure you will make the best of it. Isnt it great to live close to sea..and of course I am interested with your goodies, but first I have to go and check where your island is :))

  13. O, those lovely waves...the favorite thing...your photos are inspiring...heading to the beach today once the rain stops!
    Congrats on winning those lovely things from Luiza! I hope your new life continues to unfold with more and more treasures :)

  14. Happy hugs for the weekend, Laura xoxoxo

  15. am i too late? am i too late? am i too late?


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