Friday, June 1, 2012

livin' in the fast lane

wow...sometimes things change so fast !
I am back in Ontario for the summer ... my other life :)
just driving along the other day, heres what i saw on the side of the road.

he seemed quite intrigued by my car  ( it's a nice blueberry colour and the sun was shining ) .... or maybe it was me :)

he was very close to me... within 2 meters, between the fence and the road.    Its a back road called Orchard Line between Bayfield and Goderich, Ontario.

he would strut about, then make this "gak gak gaaak" sound,  then his tail feathers go up.   SO beautiful, as he does a full turn for me !
his little performance / romance lasted maybe 15 gorgeous minutes until another car came along.
he didnt seem to like that they spoiled the moment, so he left.
i was honoured, really.  Such a cutie!
Ladies and gentlemen, Pop Goes the World by Men Without Hats
Have a lovely day.... all for now.
Peace out.
~  pooch purple reign xx