Saturday, July 31, 2010

grassfyre @ clifford tractor pull - pt 1

i didnt think that this event would need to be a 2 part post, but there are just so many cool tractor photos that cutting it short is not an option

here we go
i found out that my dads band.... grassfyre, was playing at this event

in this link you will find a schedule of events where it lists bluegrass festival sunday 2:00 pm
pooch JP and pooch raspberry met me there as they have known my dad since we were teens
i decide to surprise my dad as this event is only about one hour drive and i havent seen my pa and step mum in a long time;
maybe almost a year.  i dont know.

here are a few shots of the tractor pull
no, thats not my dad....but they are cute

its a pretty serious event in these parts
check out the rules

now just a few fun pics of tractors.  they are just so pretty and colourful

 OK.... i think thats quite enough fun for one day

more tractors and the grassfyre portion of this event to follow in a couple days
soak these up first haha
arent they awesome?

all for now.....

~the pooch xx

Monday, July 26, 2010

part 2 - madhatters tea party

wow, july is almost over and im just getting to part 2.  its so beautiful outside and so many fun things to do.....
back to the madhatters tea room.  we were just driving along and came upon this place.  since we were all hungry, we decided on high tea, as presented by the girls in charge.

the following are some pics that will show you the inside and a few pics i took in the antique store part

me on the left, special k in the middle and pooch ninja on the right

i cant really say for sure which of these images are their work exactly, but know that some of them are...
they were kind of grouped together

i tend to agree.....

all you need is love.

~ the pooch xo

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

canada day - high tea in a lavender blue wonderland

143 !!  canadas birthday july 01 2010
heres how 3 pooches celebrated our holiday
please note... some of these pics belong to  pooch LL and some are mine.   usually i took the same shot but mine sucked because i use a cell phone cam, hers are nicer/clearer. :) thanks LL

we found this park on our travels.  pretty sure it was belmont ontario.

im guessing this would be referred to as a patriotic breakfast.  coffee and doughnut with maple leafs on it from the famous tim hortons
ahhhh, lavender.  the following shots are from our visit to the lavender farm in sparta ontario.
we just walked around enjoying the relaxing aroma.  too bad the computer isnt scratch' n'sniff

heres their site

and there we are.  enjoying and taking it all in.  thats pooch LL ninja in the front, pooch special k with the hat and me pooch lola.

to be continued.....
upcoming post includes the high tea wonderland portion of the day

~ pooch xx