Sunday, May 29, 2011

winter wonderland / pooch visit

no, i do not wish for the snow to be back 
but in these photos it is just so absolutely pretty,
i couldnt resist.

it was just such a perfect day


most of these pics are taken in brookvale winter activity  park
prince edward island
theres all kinds of fun things to do there

 2 little pooches came to visit.  thats my youngest on the left,  baby pooch and her cutie friend on the right,
pooch christine 16

i love them

we skied one day and snowshoed another

found these guys along the trail

such gorgeous days arent common around here in winter
so we were really grateful


thats the snow drift behind the barn.  (my pooch on the right)

our beverages to celebrate a really fun few days

cheers to memorable visits !!
Love you girls

and.... here it is, just for fun, check it out

~ pooch xxoo

Friday, May 6, 2011


ive been away again...... 
back in ontario for all of april

working on the house that i have now decided to sell

it has been feeling really heavy on my shoulders

but since signing the papers with the realtor,   the burden is already less

the place inbetween is uncertain

but im finding many things to amuse myself

these holes i found in the rocks by the ocean on green gables shore

5 minutes east of cavendish

and 5 minutes west of north rustico

on the central part of the north shore

of prince edward island, canada

im loving life right now

and im happy to be back on the island

heres hoping it sells fast  !!
all for now

~ pooch purple reign xx