Monday, February 28, 2011

more fun in toronto

i've been away
two weeks in kingston ontario at my brothers, then pooch youngest daughter came to PEI for a visit
these pics are catch up from my trip to toronto for the holidays
sadly, the day i arrived i found out that our oldest cat gypsy had passed away.
when i made the transition to PEI, she stayed behind with my mom

pooch special k made this marker for her grave and we opened a bottle of bubbly to celebrate her life
RIP gypsy

there she is in her last summer
looking pretty and regal, i think

my last post showed some sights in toronto and this is a continuation

some of these are on the street and some are inside this huge wierd discount store called honest ed's

this is kitchener-waterloo now
youngest pooch daughters paper christmas tree... SO cute

johnny spent christmas with us.....

and i will end that visit with the most bizarre little snow man .....
we found him down the street....... i had nothing to do with him except the photo... lol

all for now

~ the pooch xx