Monday, December 21, 2009

happy solstice and one candle

i love this day!  this is my favourite day of the year.  yes, it is the shortest day, but it means that each day after it gets longer and a teeny bit closer to spring and sunshine.

this is what it looked like out my front door this morning

this is what it looked like outside my back door this afternoon.  ha, you can see the pumpkin in my garden.  im hoping that it will seed itself in the spring and the whole garden will be pumpkins this year.

this is a shot of the sunset as i was driving home last evening, near brodhagen ontario

i celebrated this day by finally getting a christmas tree.  its not decorated yet but boner likes it.  she is sitting so pretty.  the other little cat, daddy cool is not so polite.  she jumps in it !!

i celebrated my 48th birthday on  december 16.... one candle in a little dish of chocolate mousse.  i had a good day, altho at the time i thought,  not much to write home about.  on the other hand,   its all about how you look at things.  my kids are all off in other cities doing their lives.... as it should be.  they all called me, 2 of them at midnight of the 15th!
this to me means ive done my "job" and all is well.  i attended a resume workshop which indicates that change is coming.....  i can embrace that.  and i shared chinese food and chocolate mousse with my good friend pooch special k. 

some of my presents :  turquoise sequined jewelery box from my favourite pooch auntie

from pooch c, a tin of her famous shortbread cookies and a slab of her homemade christmas cake ( soaked in demerrera rum )

from my younger brother, ceramic travel mug ( with silicone lid ) and pomegranate green tea

i got cards and bottles of delicious beverages.  the cards were from everyone, the beverages from my sweet brother

and, this gorgeous bag from my poochie daughters.      
o and i must not forget..... inside the bag was a stuffed white blood cell.  there he is !!  im really not sure how i have managed in my life this long without him.

and so i celebrated ! 

all it took was a little paradigm shift...  thanks pooch ruby !!  what more could a girl want !

happy solstice
~pooch morning glory

Thursday, December 17, 2009

christkindl market, kitchener ontario 2

there was so much to see at this wonderful market, that i had to do 2 posts to fit it all in.  the first  photo is after i got the pig home,  the second one is outside again at the meat vendor.

this is a salami pig.  we call it summer sausage.  i have no idea how they got the meat into that pig-shaped cloth bag but he was so cute.  i bought him for my son... he likes the summer sausage.  the 3 little plastic pigs around him are just these little guys i keep on top of my espresso maker ( yes, its a bit odd but i like them )

plus, pooch german girl m says that pigs in germany symbolize luck!  there we are holding different shaped salamis.

back inside we saw some beautiful linens


more pretty stuff

is this christkindl ?

mango tarts.... these were awesome !!


more delicious things...

a few more poochy things....

then back outside where the mulled wine was awaiting..... of course, in canada we have to be gated in wherever there is alcohol involved. .  you never know what people will do with a styrofoam cup these days !!

gluhwein - german mulled wine.  here is a link to a post from hungarian girl about this.  ( there are supposed to be 2 dots over the u but i dont know how to do that on my keyboard )

i would have preferred to linger quite a bit longer here in the mulled wine area ..... with mise if she were it was quite a chilly night and the wine was so warm....
but we had a drive ahead of us.  maybe next time.

cheers !
all for now ~ pooch morning glory

Sunday, December 13, 2009

christkindl market, kitchener ontario 1

YAY !  i made it this year !  last year, the weather was so bad all the time, it was discouraging to try to go anywhere!  it was crisp and cold this year, but the roads were clean and dry
this is a quote from the website
"Willkommen! Welcome! We invite you to the sights, sounds and tastes of Christmas. Visit Canada's original Christkindl Market and relive a centuries-old tradition. Our festival of German Christmas is a 4-day festival, with over 70 vendors and free entertainment. " 

these are miniature donkeys from a local farm

above:  choir performance

my pooch companions for the day, pooch bb and pooch german girl m ( she is from bavaria, living here right now and was excited to see things that reminded her of home)

that was all outside.  the vendors are inside the city hall

mmm food

mmm sparkly

german stars

this was a nice little touch of poochiness.  these are small charms.  the ones i liked are the ones with album covers ...very cool.  im going to email them and see if they have a david bowie one they can send me!!

this guy had a monkey puppet on his hand and the machine was sort of like carnival music !

well, thats it for today !
it was such a fun day... and i have more pictures for part 2.  coming soon.

~pooch morning glory

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

help the homeless / sals alley

not too long ago, i posted about a local pub called the black dog.   turns out, this kick-ass little gem in bayfield ontario is quite a versatile venue.

my pooch daughter, ( in the red sweater ) and some friends decided to host a charity event to help the homeless people in some local communities.  the black dog owners generously offered their pub as the venue..  heres a list of the organizations that will be donated to.

the antique doll was in the silent auction.  sometimes old dolls are really beautiful, and sometimes they just creep me out.  the bubble bath is cute tho.   the framed pics are all.... ya, black dogs.  o and the first shot at the top is actually the owners dog.  i forget his name.  the chalkboard in the background shows their very extensive liquor, beer and scotch list.   impressive!!

the band also donated their time and provided the entertainment for the evening.   they are called sals alley.
 they are a great band.... really fun!

and...... the final result !!
LOADS of warm clothing, hats , mitts, scarves, coats, and toiletries for people in need this season.

thank you everyone , who donated and helped !

.....especially, pooch daughter lucy and pooch friend k
good work girls !!!