Friday, October 22, 2010

ch ch ch changes

im really not sure where to start.
maybe this will help
i know .... its not bowie, but trust me i wont forget him.  especially at a time like this. :)

 some people have all the right words and can express exactly what they want to say.  i think i say things  differently but here are some of stars from the link above

"changes, ive never been good with change.  
i hate it when it all stays the same. 
caught between the gold and the gain."

 i have learned that there is a fine line between excitement and fear.
for me the fear is mostly about things staying the same

 i have moved.... off on a new adventure
the house / home that i had, i loved
sadly, it got the best of me...
but then maybe i got the best of it too

an opportunity came my way
some friends asked me to house-sit their place for an undetermined amount of time
in prince edward island, east coast canada
even though it felt a little scary and sad leaving my kids, all my friends and family...
a little voice inside me said "dont you DARE say no!"
so here i am

also i have changed my name to pooch purple reign
i reserve pooch morning glory for a time when "other pooch" returns
in the meantime i continue to fly solo
with that being said, 
i am sad to leave and my heart hurts a bit, 
but i trust in good things to come.

 the pics above are all of the pier at goderich harbour the day before i left.
it was a wild day but warm and fun
the pic below is the backyard of the house looking pretty good

and the pic below is the pumpkin. 
it never did get any bigger but its still cute

also, since this is a celebration
i have collected a few items that represent PEI
where the next chapter of my life will unfold
i would like to share this little package
with someone from my blog group
this is to show my appreciation for the kindness and good fortune that has been bestowed upon me.
i will post a pic in a few days

SO...... back to the business of pooching about
apparently its up to me to report the sights and sounds of this beautiful little island
theres much to explore, things to do and people to see

until next time.....
i end this post with the best part... turn it up

"I still don't know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild
A million dead-end streets
Every time I thought I'd got it made
It seemed the taste was not so sweet
So I turned myself to face me
But I've never caught a glimpse
Of how the others must see the faker
I'm much too fast to take that test"


~ pooch purple reign xx


  1. a new chapter is always a little scary and intimidating....but it's the unknown that brings us the next joy in our lives. Embrace it, have fun, and let go for a little bit...the universe will reveal itself in time....yes it;s a purple reign!

  2. Coming to the Y in a path and taking the unknown route is courageous whether forced or voluntary.

    Best advice to any traveler is to slow down, keep your eyes open, and look around until you are familiar with your surroundings once again.

    Best of luck in your new adventure.


  3. A lovely post!
    Enjoy everything, think we al should do that. xxxx

  4. just seeing the beach and the waves make me wanna go there and look! what a beautiful green garden. it is EXACTLY as i would picture PEI!

    changes are always scary but we change everyday whether we realise it or not.

    as susan said, " embrace it, have fun" you will never know what's waiting for you around the corner ;)

  5. Oh Laura,
    Don't worry, you are starting a lovely adventure and will have a great time. I am not very good with change but, change is good as we can't stand still and become stagnant, can we ?
    Try not to worry and embrace it. Lots of love. XXXX

  6. Life should be an adventure. It would be boring otherwise. Looking forward to seeing what PEI offers - it will be vicarious travel for me. xx

  7. Dear Laura [aka pooch purple reign]
    I think it's incredibly exciting that you have take this step... I wish I could do the same.. in fact if anyone was offering free rent to make a change like this I would grab it for sure!! Not that I am brave .. like you.. but just ready for change..

    I'm really looking forward to all you have to share with us of your new home, new life and the island.. am enjoying your photos already!!!

    Trust that inner voice... I think it's on the right track... Take care.. xxx Julie

  8. wonderful pictures, I love to be by the sea. You are a brave person and I am sure you will have some exciting new adventures. I look forward reading about them.
    Take care!

  9. Oh Laura how wonderful...sometimes the unexpected brings us the most joy!!! I know what it is like to leave friends and family behind but I find that there are nice people everywhere. Trust your inner is more often than not right!!! You Go Pooch...Dzintra♥x

  10. Have a sweet sweet SUnday, Laura xxxx

  11. Oh, pooch purple reign, I look forward to your next adventures and wish you all the best as you make these big changes!

  12. Laura hope you have a lovely time in PEI - Like I said before I've loved Anne of Green Gables and associate PEI with her though I have never been to Canada or anywhere west of our westernmost corner of Europe. Been east and south alright! Who knows - another day. THat garden looks very Irish and soo green! and the pumpkin is looking seasonal!
    All the best in your new adventure - Catherine

  13. well done! It takes courage to do this.. I find as I get older its easier just to accept routine...not better, just easier.

    I thinkits exciting you have had the courage to walk into that "new room!"

  14. Beautiful shots. You have definitely in a nice place, change is good.

  15. No tengas miedo haz lo que tu quieras para conseguir tus metas.Suerte¡¡¡

  16. Good luck, Laura! What an adverturess you are, and your new name is magnificent. May we also call you The Artist Formerly Known as Pooch Morning Glory?

  17. Crossing my fingers that this leap reaps amazing things for you sweet lady!

  18. Laura, wish you all the best in this 'adventure'. Enjoy your new experience!

  19. What a fabulous adventure Laura! I've never been to PEI, but it does sound beautiful. I look forward to reading all about your new life.
    by the way, both "Changes" were spectacular. ;)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  20. Darn, Blogger ate my comment! lol Forgive if this repeats! Hey cher, how exciting and fun for you to have this opportunity! Some of my French Acadian ancestors lived in PEI in the 1700's, and I have always wanted to go there. (in summer, of course) You are right, change IS good, and I can hardly wait to see what happens next! Great pics, just beautiful! Best wishes for fun adventures! Love your new name, too! Cheers, mon amie!

  21. Changes is one of my favorite all time song. Ch-ch-ch-ch............
    All the best for a new chapter!


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