Saturday, August 28, 2010

road trip haliburton part 1

pooch special k and i went on a camping trip to  haliburton ontario.  this is a very popular destination in ontario as it is very beautiful

the map shows part of the journey.  i think it was 5-6 hours to drive.

yes.... it says git R done on the back window

this was an interesting moment...  we were all about stopping at little shops checking for cool stuff; maybe some wild blueberries
a sign on the side of the road says store ahead... open
so we go in ... and it smells so musty, like it just opened that day from being boarded shut for 10 years
this dude and a pregnant woman sitting on the porch
 almost like a scene from deliverance....  but they were SO friendly.  it was just a bit bizarre
we bought a coke and a ginger ale for our mix for later 

this was our little shack.  it was awesome.  better than a tent

high luxury for a camping trip

we rescued the fork from the flames

the view from our campsite.  the lake is beyond the trees at the bottom

peace and groovy happenings

special k 's special breakfast

these are a few shots from around haliburton

theres more to come.  it was a fun week

~the pooch xx

Thursday, August 12, 2010

worth the wait

a few weeks ago i took some pics in the back yard.  its fun watching the flowers open and everything grow

3 or 4 years ago my boys got me a grape vine for mothers day
FINALLY i noticed little bunches of small grapes
here they are the little cuties

  so now we wait.  its been sooooo hot and wet and humid here.  maybe they like that

and there is a huge pumpkin plant.  i watched the bees inside the bloom

they were pretty excited about it

a couple weeks later, and heres the pumpkin.
not ready yet....
but the grapes are

they are so beautiful and tasty AND worth the wait

and thats daddy cool.... just being a cat

pumpkin follow up in a later post

~ the pooch

Thursday, August 5, 2010

grassfyre and more tractors - pt2

now for a little more tractor love..... and some trucks too

now i will introduce grassfyre.  this is a bluegrass band that my dad is a part of.
heres their logo off my dads shirt

as i had mentioned, i decided to surprise my dad by showing up at this festival to watch him play.

thats pooch JP on the far left, pappa pooch, me, pooch raspberry, then mum pooch and me
.... that ones a bit dark, sorry
and heres the band

heres a link to their website.  take a listen, theres 3 songs on the site

and thats my dad on the banjo...... 5-string that is.....

and, the last pic is my dad and i

i love you dad. xo

~ the pooch xx
~these last pics, family and band, are taken by pooch raspberry,  i didnt know how to enlarge them proper, but i am grateful to have them.  thx pooch