Thursday, August 12, 2010

worth the wait

a few weeks ago i took some pics in the back yard.  its fun watching the flowers open and everything grow

3 or 4 years ago my boys got me a grape vine for mothers day
FINALLY i noticed little bunches of small grapes
here they are the little cuties

  so now we wait.  its been sooooo hot and wet and humid here.  maybe they like that

and there is a huge pumpkin plant.  i watched the bees inside the bloom

they were pretty excited about it

a couple weeks later, and heres the pumpkin.
not ready yet....
but the grapes are

they are so beautiful and tasty AND worth the wait

and thats daddy cool.... just being a cat

pumpkin follow up in a later post

~ the pooch


  1. I have a grape vine that the Diamond Python loves to relax in... :o)

  2. Beautiful shots. The flowers are very lovely.

  3. Love Daddy cool, he´s such a sweetheart!!!

    And what a wonderful garden with grapes, sunflowers and pumpkins... All those beautiful flowers...
    I agree, it´s wonderful to see how it all developes =)!!

    Thank´s for sharing. Looking forward to see the pumpkins =)!

    Have a wonderful day, sweet Laura!

  4. gorgeous Laura
    and love that green bottle.. think you have shown that before.. I have a similar wine carafe which I may be posting soon..

    Happy Friday 13th xxx Julie

  5. I swear I smelled that pink lily when I opened your post. Our gardens give so much joy all season long. Our connections with our plants are very real......

  6. Wow Laura,
    What an abundance of goodies your garden is producing. You'll be making wine before you know it....and, such beautiful flowers.
    Your garden is beautiful and I love your cat. XXXX

  7. Hi Laura...what a gorgeous pink you flowers are, just beautiful and so summery (which I'm waiting for)!!! Love the pumpkin, one of my favourites and I'm hangin' out for some grapes now...Dzintra♥x

  8. How wonderful to see the progress of nature and of your garden...thanks for this thoughtful post that let's some of us who don't have gardens have a peek at earth's magic. Looking forward to the giant pumpkin post!

  9. Hi Laura,
    What a wonderful garden...and sweet cat.
    I loved


  10. Es genial tener un patio con ese jardin lleno de naturaleza. Yo vivo en un apartamento en la ciudad :(, aunque en verano nos trasladamos a un apartamento en el mar. :)

  11. ooohhhh....
    loving your summer! too bad here in Brunei we only have hot and rainy season... oh well!
    enjoy while it lasts ;)

  12. Will you be able to make special Chateau Pooch wine with your grapes?

  13. Lovely shots, Laura! Nature is amazing, isn't it? I always buy small plants cause the fun is to watch them grow.

  14. Daddy Cool has a great set of whiskers.
    Your pumpkin is growing nicely, and I like the pink lillies.

  15. Regarding your coment:
    A stupa is a kind of a shrine usually located in 'sacred' places. The one I've posted is particularly interesting because they used a stone to put it instead of being on the ground like all the others.

  16. I enjoyed a wee too much of the grapes myself the other night. I think it's the bubbles that give you the headache right?



  17. I love sunflowers!
    The U2 concert on saturday was amazing. I am still in a U2 cloud :D

  18. Your plants look gorgeous. So are your grapes ready for the picking.

  19. Wow. Your garden is gorgeous. Don't you love Mise and her Chateau Pooch wine? Just waiting for the pumpkin shot, now! xx

  20. Gracias por compartir Laura


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