Thursday, August 5, 2010

grassfyre and more tractors - pt2

now for a little more tractor love..... and some trucks too

now i will introduce grassfyre.  this is a bluegrass band that my dad is a part of.
heres their logo off my dads shirt

as i had mentioned, i decided to surprise my dad by showing up at this festival to watch him play.

thats pooch JP on the far left, pappa pooch, me, pooch raspberry, then mum pooch and me
.... that ones a bit dark, sorry
and heres the band

heres a link to their website.  take a listen, theres 3 songs on the site

and thats my dad on the banjo...... 5-string that is.....

and, the last pic is my dad and i

i love you dad. xo

~ the pooch xx
~these last pics, family and band, are taken by pooch raspberry,  i didnt know how to enlarge them proper, but i am grateful to have them.  thx pooch


  1. Oh, this is so great!!!!
    Your dad in a band, how lovely isn´t that?

    Lovely and sentimental post, my dear freind!
    I´m sure your dad is very proud!!!

    Thank you, for all the sweet comments on my blog!!!
    It means the world to me!

    Have a wonderful thursday!

  2. More of those cool machines.. I love them

  3. happy to take the pics but more awesome to be there and surprise your was a so nice to see him and hear him play and a great day spent with my bestest friends.....cheers

  4. Bluegrass just goes so well with old, red tractors....must have been a lot of down home fun! I'm sure the toes were tapping......

  5. I should show this post to the dude! He looooooooves tractors and trucks!

  6. Wow! Aren't they great. The music reminds me of the sound track from a Tarantino or Cohen Bros film. Your Dad is cool!

  7. Hey Laura
    Looks like you had a fab day with your dad.. and seeing him play his banjo.. priceless...

    Love the last photo of you and he together.. sweet. Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  8. Feria de tractores y música de bajo.Auténtico estilo country

    Un abrazo desde el mar

  9. Those tractor photos are great! I always go to the tractor pull at county fairs. Who doesn't love tractors? The colors, the designs--they are fascinating.

    Oh, and that last shot of you and your dad is truly wonderful! xoxo Gigi

  10. The variety of tractors keep on surprising me and the bottom detail shot is just great!
    I bet your father had a very pleasant surprise when you showed up! :-)

  11. Wow! so many of them. Fantastic variety.

  12. The Mack is SO cool but so too is the mini! and the banjo, and the other tractors....

  13. Love those tractors Pooch! Looks like a really great show...You pop looks like one cool dude! Love the Banjo!


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