Wednesday, June 23, 2010

punk'd x 3 and a half

you know when you have that feeling that you are exactly where you are supposed to be?.....
well, that was this past saturday for me.
my brother calls me and tells me there are 2 free shows of bands from our teenage years, and would i like to go.
less than 24 hours notice, but i feel its necessary to say yes.
the first one is at the sound of music festival in burlington ontario
so i drive 1 1/2 hours to my brothers place, we switch cars and drive maybe 45 mins to burlington.
we get there at 2 minutes to 2, and the show starts at 2.  its late of course so we go to the beer tent for a quick pint

thats my brother.  he looks pretty happy to be there.
the first band is the diodes.   they announced that their first album was released before the sex pistols

the pics arent great.  it was sooooo hot and sunny and its the best i could do in the conditions

"The Diodes are a canadian punk/new wave band formed in 1976. One of the first toronto bands playing that style of music, The Diodes helped foster the scene in the city."
have a listen..... they ROCKED

immediately following them was the new york dolls.  this was a surprise as we didnt have the schedule at all.
take a listen

personality crisis 

and now

i have to admit here... i was humbled at how good they were live.  pure entertainment.
next, drive to toronto, maybe an hour

next was the raveonettes from copenhagen denmark.  .  this is where the half comes in.  they were really good but we had to leave the square to prepare and regroup for the next show.  it was in dundas square toronto, so was quickly filling up with people
listen here

this festival is called the north by north east festival

time for one pint here

and last, iggy pop and the stooges
things were getting crazy by this point of the night.  i could barely see iggy, but if you look closely, there he is.
hes still got it

last time i saw him was maybe late 70s early 80s... i will have to ask my brother

O and, all these shows were FREE
thanks brother, i had an awesome day

~the pooch x


  1. Wow. You know how to have fun. That would've been great seeing all those bands in one day.

  2. Rockin! How fun is that? I admire your tenacity. I would have been all worn out from that beer and sun in no time. Good rock and roll in the great outdoors is just the most fun...awesome! very nice brother!

  3. You're a dedicated rocker!

  4. What a great show! Sounds like a load of fun for you and your brother. Fun for me because you shared see bits of it and taught me about the Diodes, a new band I never heard of before. Way cool!

  5. Whoa! I feel exhausted just following you around! Glad you had such an awesome day with your brother. Keep on rockin' girl!

  6. I´m glad you could spend some time with your brother, and had such a good time.

    Wish you a really nice weekend.


  7. Glad you had a nice time with your brother attending those bands! Great job capturing that guy's back, he's quite a figure! :-)
    The Roxy Music concert will be July 22.

  8. HI Pooch
    Sounds like you had a great day with your brother.. I too think I would have been exhausted by all this in one day.. that guy's jacket is quite interesting!!!

    Hey good luck with your own move and thanks for your support my way... just got to make the move now!!! arrrhhh... xxx Julie

  9. Wicked! what a brilliant last minute whirl wind punk tour! Iggy might still be rocking but I do think it's time he put on a t-shirt for all our sakes!


  10. Hey Pooch...what a great day and Brother too!!! Don't you just love the old Rockers from the 70's...Fun, Fun, Fun...Dzintra♥x

  11. Hey you guys look like you had a great time...Toronto and Canada seem pretty dang cool. You have a lot of energy to keep that whole thing going. I’m pooped jus following you around. It’s great that you get those free concerts. Thanks for your visit and comment

  12. So great you got to enjoy the concert, and with your Brother. The 60s and 70s were the best time for music, none better.

  13. Great shots of the event. Nice to know that you had lot of fun.

  14. That is one killer sibling adventure!

  15. Fotos, cervezas y rock una convinación genial¡¡¡
    Encantado de conocer a tu hermano

  16. Looks like a seriously fun time! I love blasts from the past. Iggy would have been fantastic to see! Glad Ontario has sunshine and warmth. You're veeeery lucky my friend. ;)
    By the way, I pondered using steel cut oats -happy to hear the muffins worked out! Night,

  17. how fun! i love summer concerts. xo!

  18. Sounds a great day was had by all, and for free, which is always a bonus!
    The old music was the best, no doubt about that!


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