Tuesday, July 6, 2010

canada day - high tea in a lavender blue wonderland

143 !!  canadas birthday july 01 2010
heres how 3 pooches celebrated our holiday
please note... some of these pics belong to  pooch LL and some are mine.   usually i took the same shot but mine sucked because i use a cell phone cam, hers are nicer/clearer. :) thanks LL

we found this park on our travels.  pretty sure it was belmont ontario.

im guessing this would be referred to as a patriotic breakfast.  coffee and doughnut with maple leafs on it from the famous tim hortons
ahhhh, lavender.  the following shots are from our visit to the lavender farm in sparta ontario.
we just walked around enjoying the relaxing aroma.  too bad the computer isnt scratch' n'sniff

heres their site

and there we are.  enjoying and taking it all in.  thats pooch LL ninja in the front, pooch special k with the hat and me pooch lola.

to be continued.....
upcoming post includes the high tea wonderland portion of the day

~ pooch xx


  1. I'm glad Pooch Special K is shielding herself from the sun.

  2. Wow, Laura, I absolutely LOVED the lavender shots and the lavender soap...I'm so into that color of blue!
    You three did Canada's birthday proud, especially with Tim Horton's!!! Looking forward to the high tea post...love high tea :)

  3. I loved your patriotic breakfast. A classic.

  4. mmmm donuts! gotta go to that Tim Horton’s one day...thanks for your visit and comment. Happy Birthday our neighbor to the North...

  5. Hey Pooch...I can sure get a whiff of that gorgeous soap from here loud and strong...beautiful!!! Very patriotic breakfast I agree...especially with the Maple Leaf...we had Maple Syrup last night over Apple Crumble...yummmm, I just love the stuff...Dzintra♥x

  6. Hi Laura,
    Wonderful photos!!! I loved the lavander soap:))

    Have a nice summer day!!!!


  7. O Canada! Love your donuts. Could move there for them. We get them here but not as many varieties I suspect. Except for the mosquitoes which is Minnesota's state bird. Still I hear the call of the New World again.

  8. I do like the park with the big flag on the lawn, very patriotic indeed. The tiny maple leaves on the doughnuts look great too, though I personally would not have them for breakfast, I am a fruit kind of breakfast girl, nice for lunch though,I just love the smell of lavender.
    My Pizza of Chicken with plum sauce, was hardly typically Italian, but it was delicious with pieces of chicken on the pizza base and lovely plum sauce instead of BBQ or tomato sauce. it just took our fancy at the time and tasted good.

  9. now I want a doughnut! love the lavender...what a prolific farm! I used to make lavender wands years ago....great gifts!

  10. I can't believe the amount of times that I've seen people blog about that coffee and I've yet to try it!

  11. lavender is really nice and so are herb farms etc! :o)

  12. Donuts con hojas de arce y aroma de lavanda , magnífica convinación. Perro LL es muy bueno haciendo fotos

    ps gogle traslate funciona bien , entendiste muy bien el contenido de mi queja con mi servidor de internet.

  13. I love everything about lavender and I am sure those soaps smell divine..

  14. Belated congratulations, Canada!
    I can imagine the wonderful scent in that farm! Lovely pics.

  15. What a wonderful place to be in...
    Lavender fields...
    I love it!

    Hope you´re having a wonderful summer , so far!

    Here is freaking hot, and no rain...

    Have a wonderful day!

  16. It seams really strange that a country has a birthday! but I'm glad it was a happy one!

    Love the lavender fields - it is an amazing plant!
    I think us brits need to rethink our own national breakfast - yours looks miles tastier!


  17. Beautiful shots. Belated birthday wishes to Canada.

  18. Hey Laura
    Sorry for my late late visit but the internet in new place .. well sucks!!!

    So love all this photos.. but especially the soap shots!! just great.. fantastic colour too!! Ok.. i'm off to boil the billy for a brew.. [hahahahaaha... sorry!!]

    xxx Julie

  19. Just to let you know that Brian Ferry and Roxy Music have performed here yesterday and it was awesome! :-)


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