Thursday, June 10, 2010

among the lily pads

if you look carefully, you will see tiny toads.
some still with tails
seriously, they are smaller than my smallest finger nail
youngest pooch and i watched them in our pond today

there are hundreds of them

cutie little dudes

its a beautiful day.  the sun is shining, its warm and i get to have some time with baby pooch ( shes 19, but still my baby)
and the pond is a pretty special place

~all for now, the pooch


  1. they are amazing! so cute....I would love some to come and live in my little pond. The lotus blossoms are fabulous! so nice....

  2. Exquisite photographs and such a lovely window into nature...haven't seen tadpoles in decades. Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog. thought I would come and see what yours is like....who doesn't love darling little toadlets. Glad Susan drug you along....thanks again.

  4. Wow - brilliant photo's!
    Baby Fig who is almost 19 is visiting her mummy today - I don't think they ever really grow up!


  5. Oh, your pond is full of life. Ours is too. I love frogs and toads. We have lots of them and I can never get over their cycle of life. It is quite amazing, isn't it ? You are a bit ahead of us as our water lilies aren't out yet.
    Enjoy your time with your baby !! XXXX

  6. Wonderful small creatures =).
    My brother used to love them, when he was a little boy, hehe.

    And what did your daughter say about the snail on my photo ;)?

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  7. Ah, lovely lively pond friends. I just love frogs. Have a fun day!

  8. Hey Pooch I was looking at those little toads and a sexy man came up on the right!!!
    Enjoy your baby...they never seem quite grown up to us do they♥x

  9. Did you notice that every time there is something miraculous, in regard to nature, the Petite Pooch is at the center of it. Remember the baby squirrels hanging on to her pant-leg?

  10. Hola Laura,
    De pequeño me gustaba cojerlos, me los llebava a cas hasta que se convertian en ranas y se escapaban :D

    En catakan se llaman capgrossos que es español significa cabezas-gordas
    Buena semana
    Unas fotos estupendas

  11. ponds and frogs are wonderful things!

  12. Oh how cute.!!!
    Little tadpoles!! you did well to get these photos.. reminds us of the cycle of life!!! maybe i need to drop my tail and hop away!!! haha... xx Julie

  13. Great post! Aren't they cute? :-)

  14. Great


  15. Poochy, one of the reasons I had kids was so I could go through the tadpole watching process again! Think of the many wonderful hours I'll be able to spend like you by the lake down the track with my own tadpoles checking out natural life as I homeschool them...
    I've been having a blast going through your ticket stubs too! Great catching up on it all.
    I know why you can't see dust though - it's all the toad observing. Must do more of that myself ;-)


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