Friday, June 4, 2010

remember when...

im back to the concert ticket stubs.  lets see if i can recall anything.... :)

nope, not much..... but heres a quote from wikipedia
"a unique brand of hyperactive pop mixed with funk, punk, ska, reggae, baroque pop and art rock."
 and heres the link

photo is from wikipedia, taken after a show october 3, 1978. toronto
my stub doesnt say what year, but it would have been from around then going by the price
take a listen

next....emerson, lake & palmer

this first clip is not for the timid, but it sure does show how totally CUTE they were, 
o and talented too...

this next one is just greg lake... awesome

this one is classic ELP, more recent ( they look older!)

listening to these brought back memories.  and again, the price will reflect the year
kitchener, ontario canada.... kitchener auditorium


"Frippertronics was a specific tape looping technique used by Robert Fripp. It evolved from a system of tape looping originally developed in the electronic music studios of the early 1960s and made popular through its use in ambient music by composer Brian Eno."

heres a link 
pretty cool stuff...... i wonder what i was doing that night....

that one was toronto, 1979

i love how some of these guys are connected by interchanging between bands

ahhhh, the old days of music.....

~all for now , the pooch


  1. wow .. can't believe the prices on those stubbs.. I still have my stubbs [i think] from the few concerts I went to in my youth..

    great memories.. have a fab weekend.. xxx Julie

  2. What a great idea and I did enjoy it. I still have my stubs from seeing tThe Beatles in 64 and 65...I got the best tickets at $5.50...I was a million miles away, but of course it was fab gear beyond measure.

  3. Gosh you have managed to save these stubbs all those years. WOW. great memories for you and so cheap, pity concerts are not that price any more.
    I am not a hoarder at all so I have not got any such things.

  4. It's great you kept those stubbs...must bring back some awesome memories...I have some stubbs too somewhere...must dig them up♥x

  5. Laura, this is so weird and so cool: I was just out on the terrace in the sun, listening to my iPod and a real rarity surfaced in one of my very long New Wave playlists: XTC's "Senses Working Overtime"!! Then I come in to check up on blog activity, see that you've left me a message, I click on your blog and low and behold: XTC! Well, great minds quite obviously think alike! (Wasn't "Senses" a great song, too? What a great melody and pleasantly quirky lyrics.)
    Hope you're having a great weekend. :-)

  6. Oh Laura,
    Memories, memories. I have loads of ticket stubs....some that I don't even know what they were for !! My lovely friend Cynthia from Beatnheart beat me to it but, I too have my Beatles tickets from the '60's. I saw them twice as well. I still save some ticket stubs even now !!.....depending on what it was of course. Our son had tickets for Nirvana, but it never happened as the concert was scheduled for after he died. He still has the tickets. Those little bits of paper hold so much, don't they Laura ? XXXX

  7. Those old tickets can really bring back some memories, I imagine!

    Music is a powerfull thing isn´t it, Laura?

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Emerson lake Palmer! I have an album called Brain Salad Surgery. bought it in the 70-'s becasue I liked the album cover!Now THAT brings back memories!

  9. Beautiful post, great memories.

  10. You made me go back in time! Great memories indeed and very cool post. Glad you've kept these, I have nothing... :-)

  11. Hace mucho tiempo de esos boletos¡¡¡Guardas cosas entrañables

  12. I love that you saved your stubs!

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