Monday, May 3, 2010

i work

here i will make an attempt to show you about the work i do.  its called electron frequency analysis (EFA) and the following are some shots of my studio and the instruments i use.

each group of 6 dials represents a frequency.  i use DNA to look for disturbances in frequency in the tissues of the human body.
during the assessment process, the instrument will help determine the cause of the particular "dis-ease" or symptom

once cause is determined, (eg.  flu symptoms caused by virus in digestive tract and liver) i can set up the instrument to kill the virus using specific frequencies.
we use frequencies to restore balance and homeostasis

so, thats it.  just thought i would share.  
i am self-employed, which gives me freedom, and i never have 2 days the same.
clients can be from anywhere in the world because i work with DNA, therefore distance is irrelevant its always interesting
but thats probably another story.

be well
~pooch mg


  1. Woah! looks complicated! My singing teacher said that vibrations are creation, so I guess thats what you do?

    Last time i saw that many dials was in the Sony recording studio.

    How do you learn to do that?

  2. Hi Laura...this is sooo fascination, have never heard of it!!! Now I'm looking forward to the other story♥x

  3. Oh my goodness Pooch!!! this is fascinating.. I think I need you!!! hahaha.. I studied massage some years back.. Diploma in Remedial Massage.. sadly IT pays more.. but I would rather work with alternate therapies... not that I'm saying this is alternative..

    I myself have been having all sort of test lately and body parts flying all over the place.. USA ,. Melbourne.. parts of me are having a darn good holiday.. just not me... should send some to you too!!! why not!! Canada.. another holiday...hahaha

    Like your pink blog list... have fun and thanks for showing us your world.. xxx Julie

  4. It sounds very interesting your work.
    Nice to know it, maybe I need you once

  5. Whoa! Pull up the horses!!
    Fascinating! Where do you train for something like this? What kind of a title do you put down for yourself? O, maybe I'll check your profile to see what you call yourself.
    Thanks for showing us your I said, FASCINATING!!!

  6. This is so interesting, Laura! So you work with DNA, you have no direct contact with your clients, right?

  7. What an unusual job you have, a healer, but not quite a Doctor, or are you? Working with DNA must be fascinating, there is lots of info stored in there awaiting discovery.
    Maybe I shall require your services one day but not today as I am healthy presently.

  8. wow laura! I have to say you have the most amazing occupation i had ever known ;)

    maybe one of these days, m gonna fly over there and need you.. hehe!


  9. Very interesting. You have a grate place of work.

  10. Wow that is amazing and super cool, hope you have a great day, stop by and visit me in the South, Hugs Barbara

  11. Un trabajo muy interesante Laura¡¡¡¡¡Me guataria analizar mi ADN a ver si tiene remedio:)))

  12. WOW, how crazy smart are you lady? Super cool!

  13. Pooch that is nothing short of amazing. I've never heard of that in France but it just seems soooooo common sense. Healing with frequency. You really are a good vibrations girl. WOULD LOVE TO KNOW MORE.


  14. This is fascinating!

    >each group of 6 dials represents a frequency

    Please could you explain a little more by what you mean by "frequency"? Is this electromagnetic radiation, ultra sound, or something else?



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