Friday, May 14, 2010

one day by the pond

every spring its a big deal to clean the old leaves out of the pond so the fish have a clean habitat.
these are all pics taken as the sun is shining on the surface

the next 2 are youngest daughter pooch sweet pea's reflection
i was standing across the pond from her

ones name is sushi, one is stick, one is biggie smalls, one is tyrone, one is pauly shore, one is pinner, one is sunjeet, and the rest usually just get called pauly shore

this is a close up shot of the side of a stump beside the pond.

i think the fish are really happy :) 

all for now
~pooch mg


  1. Whoa! Strange doings going on in your backyard. Isn't it fun to shoot reflections? I was just out on my balcony catching a shot or two of our pond with the weeping willow. The water was as smooth as a mirror and the birds were chirping...quiet spring...

  2. Sushi sounds like a nice name for a fish. Is there a resemblance to the food? Or were you just hungry when you named it? Nice pond, by the way. xx

  3. Hi Laura
    Love these reflection shots!! beautiful and unusual and the fishies look mystical haha.. I really like the green glass bottle too!!!

    This reflection thing must be catching.. You .. Becky and me too.. I have pics of the jacaranda tree reflected from the tiles on my floor!! haha haven't brought myself to post it yet.. it's quite obscure!! haha

    thanks for your lovely words... and I agree it's so much fun not just the pics.. but meeting everyone.. you guys are the best!! xxx Julie

  4. I like your goldfish and the reflections and the flowers, but who is that alien reflected there? Surely not a pooch! Haha

  5. Hey Pooch those fish pics are mesmerizing...really cool!!! I bet they are happy fish too...A beautiful Sunday to you, Dzintra♥x

  6. Love your reflections
    so so cute :)

    Have a nice sunday

  7. Oh no! Quick, who's going to jump in and save pooch sweet pea?

  8. That's a lovely pond and the fish look really healthy! My parents had a little pond in their yard and I really miss having one now...

    Guess who's coming to perform at Oeiras next July! Roxy Music! :-) Right at the end of the street where I live, in fact, at the Oeiras Palace gardens. I will not miss that although I wonder how's Brian Ferry's voice now! LOL!

  9. Those are some awesome shots...I love them..they're so different...and the fishes names...his tear ic cal.

  10. Beautiful pond of colorful fishes.

  11. Dear Laura,
    Really good photographs. I love the reflections. I don't think that I should take any photographs of our pond. I think that there are more leaves than water !!!!
    Oh, and I love the names you have given the fish.
    Have a great week. XXXX

  12. Oh, such a sweet pond with all the beautiful fishes =)).

    I bet they are happy, now you cleaned it and the flowers bloomed!!!

    I love it all =).

    Have a wonderful night.

  13. theres something fishy going on here!!

  14. Thank you Pooch for stopping by and commenting..

  15. hiya - baby fig had a fish called fshhhhkhaaaaa - strange child!

    Folksy is an online craft shop - you can open your own shop on it or buy stuff, all kinds of crafts - there is a link at the top left hand side of my blog! (you have no idea what you missing! hehe)


  16. Laura me relaja mucho observar a los peces ¡¡¡¡
    Encantadoras fotos

  17. I love gold fish. do you ever have problems with raccoons or heron making a dinner out of them? Hope not!
    Pretty pics Ms. Pooch!


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