Saturday, May 8, 2010

bluegrass in goderich / i rock

so pooch german girl calls me up one night and asks if im going to the bluegrass show in town.  i didnt even know it was happening so i say c.o.o.l  lets do it

heres a link to their website

i practically have this kind of music in my blood.    i played mandolin as a kid (and i plan to pick it up again), and both my parents played in a band.  my mom played the stand up base and my dad still plays the 5- string banjo.

these guys, altho they looked serious were alot of fun and really rocked the place.

and this is the place they rocked in

i posted about this place before.  its called the livery and is 2 minutes from where i live

take a listen.  this footage is not from the show i saw but its a good one

the rest of the post today is showing part of the collection of beautiful rocks that i share my space with
this one looks like a footprint

these are all gathered from the beach where i live  
i love them

happy mothers day to all the moms out there, and very especially to my momma, janet
i love you a bushel and a peck
all for now
~ pooch mg


  1. WONDERFUL STONES!!! You rock! My collection of rocks is small but worthy. Stones stand for so many wonderful things: solidity, character, eternal yet slightly changing, beauty, the history of our earth's geology.

  2. I also have a few small rocks that I collect from everywhere, maybe we all gather them.
    You have a lovely ones and big too.
    Strangely I like the stones for their smoothness and the fit they have in my hand. But I do like your footprint, its a beauty.
    Have a great day too.

  3. Beautiful. Yo have fabulous collection of rocks.

  4. OMG - another rock collector!

    I even have my daughters collections of interesting rocks sat here waiting for her to come and make a sculpture out of them - one day I will hire a trailor and take all my rocks back to the river / seaside! (alond with buckets filled with shells!)


  5. Souns like a good time was had by all. There's nothing like live music.
    Have a great Sunday. XXXX

  6. Laura -- I just wrote you a comment on that box of stuff you were sorting through a couple of weeks ago ("eclectic" could take on a new meaning thanks to those contents!), but then I wasn't sure if you'd see a comment on an older post so I thought I'd say hi this way. (And also comment on how cool that "Livery" building looks.)
    Hope you're having a nice weekend; take care!

  7. Hi Laura
    Love the 'foot' rock!!! and sounds like you had another wonderful outing... Happy Mothers Day too.. do you celebrate today in Canada??
    xxx Julie

  8. I cool are you to know how to play the mandolin. There is obviously music in your DNA.

  9. Rocks and rockin' - you live well! I'm glad pooch german girl is living it up - sometimes I worry that pooch special k gets to go on all the trips.

  10. Your rock collection is just lovely!

  11. Blue grass is cool and rocks are even cooler! I brought some back from England :o)

  12. Sounds great...and so close to you too!!!
    Mr Armchair would love those rocks...he nearly became a geologist!!!
    Happy Mothers Day to you too,,,hope it was a great one♥x

  13. That's a great collection of beautiful rocks. Wonderful textures!
    Glad you enjoyed the show.

    By the way, I had no idea you have your own house here and, in fact, not far from mine! :-)))

  14. A mi tambien me gustan mucho los minerales sobre todo cuando era mas joven, tengo muchas, amatistas, piritas, calcitas, cuarzo todas cogidas por mi en las montañas de Catalonia.
    Un beso

  15. Wow!!
    You have many rocks !!
    I have also many in my garden for decoration
    I have many colors and different sizes :)

    Happy belated mother's Day
    (sorry ...I'm late I was bloglazy :(
    It can happens ...... ;)

  16. Pooch - your rocks ROCK and now I can go to bed with Duelling banjos in my head. Looking forward to reading your earlier post about that job of yours!


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