Sunday, April 25, 2010

from the depths

i was helping my mom sort the contents/possessions of an older relatives house and belongings as she has now entered a seniors facility.

 it was a strange and interesting experience and i couldnt help but photograph a few of the more eccentric items i came across.   

 this woman was born in england, lived in scotland for much of her life, then came to canada.
if anyone recognizes any of these items, please comment as i am curious of their origin.

some of it is even a bit creepy

the teddy is hand-made and stuffed with horse hair.... really old...

well, thats it for today.  im glad thats over.  its odd to think that someday my descendants will be looking at my things and thinking how eccentric i was.....

cheers to that!
~ the pooch x


  1. That chair is great. Would look fab recovered but I could live with it as is. Hmmm...not too sure about the other stuff!!!

  2. Hey Laura
    Some of this is very familiar.. well familiar to my childhood.. the golliwog pattern [now politically incorrect],.. the Queen.. haha.. the Westinghouse mixer and the gizmo with the pink hair.. I cannot for the life of me remember the name.. it has a particular name.. will ask my brother.. strange assortment of memories.. have a great day xx Julie

  3. laura, your relative got the most beautiful momento...
    i remember the smurf doll (or was it from snow white?) hehe..

  4. Oh dear...
    So many things...haha.
    I can tell you , the "portable mixer" will help you whip cream, for example, but I guess you allready have another mixer to help you with that.
    I also recognize the guy with pink hair and blue swimsuit(?), haha. But forgot the name of them , then I recognize many other things you show, but I don´t know the names. Sorry. Maby someone else can help you better....
    The teddy, well , he´s a keeper...Don´t get rid of him, he´s beautiful.

    Have a nice day or night , my friend.

  5. Ah, the queen and a hand-mixer and rather a nice chair. Clearly a woman who has lived contentedly with her bits and pieces.

  6. I recognize a couple of Disney's Seven Dwarfs--Droopy? Sleepy? the chair is probably a mid-century design...kinda Danish. The doll with the pink hair is a Smurf...It's funny to see this curious collection of precious things.

  7. That chair is a real treasure!

  8. Oh what wonderful British curio's. I had a Golly that was my favourite toy but, as Julie said, very politicly incorrect now. The little chap with the pink hair is a TROLL. We collected them. They all had different coloured hair and were dressed differently.
    The big coin from the Bank of Scotland was probably something they gave you when you opened a particular account with them.
    ... and, you have a couple of the 7 dwarfs there ! A collection that has been gathered over quite a few years. XXXX

  9. Beautiful shots. Old is gold.

  10. I remember the gizmo with the pink hair too but I'm like the others...can't think of it's name...Cool chair as well...My Mother had teddys stuffed with horse hair when she was little and now she loves the new fluffy ones!!!

  11. Great idea and what a collection! I especially enjoy the chair on top and the mixer + box. So cool!

  12. I used to have a Troll like that!! Never could convince my Mum to hang a picture of the Queen on my wall though. Sure I had a golly too!
    Wow - did you take any of it home with you didja didja?
    Poor lady - it's not easy separating ouselves from a lifetime of memories...

  13. Beautiful collection and lovely shots !! Simply amazing work here !!Great

  14. Unas pertenencias surrealistas , la reina y los enanitos de blancanieves :_)))))))))))))

  15. What would we do for fun if we didn't have old bric-a-brac to sort through! Never had a troll, did you? Now I want one to keep my chia pet company.

  16. Hiya - thanks for popping over and commenting! I couldn't quite decide who you thught was creepy on this list, the troll or the queen??? both of which I recognise! hehehe


  17. Laura -- I love zany stuff like this; thanks for sharing! What vivid colors, and what a collection of stuff that was!
    I'd been wanting to stop by "Pooch" again, and am glad I did today. :-)
    See you again soon, either here or at Spice of Life or more likely both. :-)


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