Saturday, April 17, 2010

stratford blooms-spring 2010

the pooches explore another festival.   the following are all pictures that i took while on this adventure.
and the first one (top) is actually an ice sculpture
heres what we saw


i love these guys

 we are copycats and have a dublin here.  its really small tho, barely a village, BUT  what they do have  is a huge ornamental concrete place called merv's patio and shewan's ornaments
the buddha guy above is from there.
once pooch special k and i went to a party and said we were from dublin.

the last 2 pics are gourds made into cool planters and bowls.  if you are into gourd craft, here is their website check it out
i have some gourds that i grew and pooch JP, who is a very crafty pooch, is going to help me turn them into something beautiful.

the above 2 shots are of this huge glass tube that pulsed water and different coloured lights to music
cool and unique garden feature for a party, im thinking.... 

thats it!
a long post, and a really fun event

have a bloomin' happy weekend!

~ all for now    pooch morning glory x


  1. So many pretty things. I love those glass mushrooms. They are great.

  2. ooh! and Indian logo! one of my favorite vintage motorbikes in fact....

  3. Wow! thanks for including us on your day out...lotsa, colour (Canadian spelling). Spring is blooming everywhere!!!!Hurray!!!

  4. P. S. Thanks for stopping were wondering where I shot that picture...Bergen, Norway. I was there last June, wandering around the buildings of the Hanseatic League...they're ancient business buildings established by Germans sometime in the 1600s. Now the buildings are shops for tourists in this extremely colorful part of town.

  5. Yo Pooch! loved the glass tubes with the water and lights...nice to see you kids having fun..

  6. great day! I'd love those green and turquoise glass bowls for my kitchen! best, Susan

  7. The Buddha doing stretches took my fancy!

  8. Hey Laura what a bloomin' great post!!! I really dig those blue bowls♥x

  9. Great festival, I love the blue bowls and plates and the gourds and water feature. I thought the first mushrooms were real! haha.

  10. Wonderful and unique festival. Lovely decorations.

  11. Hey Laura
    Love the mushrooms.. too cute.. and lots of beautiful colour.. you must be loving that with spring on the way for you... or there already....
    have a great week xxx Julie

  12. Looks fantastic
    I'm a greenlover I go always to gardenfestivals
    ENJOY ..... I wish i could go with you :-)

  13. those glowing mushrooms are magical!

  14. What wonderful things they had there. All very inspiring and great photographs. Sounds as if a good time was had by all. XXXX

  15. I can see you had areat time...thanks for sharing...

  16. Hola Laura, solo tengo un pequeño balcón en casa y lo tengo ocupado con una bicicleta.

  17. Now, did you do such a big event in your ASICS? It seems necessary ;)

  18. So much to see! I bet everyone would have a great time there. Great post, Laura!

  19. Thanks for share so beautiful event.
    Luiz Ramos


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