Friday, April 9, 2010

maitland trail / we run

i got some sweet new shoes
called 'white lilac lightning'

and a new hat

the following are some shots from the trail where we run,  that is, pooch runner girl, pooch special k and me

the shot above looks like it was altered but believe me, i have no clue how to do that.  its just taken on the other side of the trestle bridge into direct sunlight the same time of day as the other shots  
i think it looks kinda cool

it was so cold out that day, we had to bundle up.
but we were pretending we were charlies angels

thats the huge rock at the beginning.  we always stretch there after our run

well, its still a walk / run but

we rock.

~ all for now  pooch morning glory x


  1. Go Pooch Special K go! I hope she won. Oh, it wasn't a race? That's a lovely trail you have to run on.

  2. Hey Laura the first 3 shots could almost be in Australia!!! That water shot is stunning!!! Of course you all look like Charlies Angels LOL!!! Have a great weekend...Dzintra♥x

  3. Oh Laura, your shadow shots, made me laugh. happy running and I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. I think I would take up running too, if I had that beautiful area to run in! Love your shadows dancing!

  5. i know, i probably would be unhappy with all of the cold if i was there. it just seems like such a wonderful place from down here. i would love to visit ontario/toronto one day!

  6. No excuses for not running now! :-) The shadow pics are pretty cool.

  7. You DO rock! I love the Charlie's Angels shots. I never run anymore--only bike and walk because my knees hate running--but that looks like a fab place to go running.

    Have a great weekend, Laura! xo Gigi

  8. Yes!!!You rock!!!
    I wish I wasn´t so lazy sometimes, and be as diciplined as you are, but no...=)
    I sit here, by the computer, haha!

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. What a fabulous name for a pair of trainers. Would make running/walking even more pleasant !!
    I love your photographs. The one directly into the sunlight and the ones of your shadows are great.
    Have a fun weekend. XXXX

  10. Hey Pooch
    Love your charlie's angels shots..... I used to do cross country at school.. now don't run at all... have fun xx Julie

  11. looks fabulous..definately have to follow you just for the inspiration!....

  12. Charlie's angels looks pretty good. Nice to be kids again isn't it!!!
    Oh I do like your running shoes, I think I want some, not to run, just to look good.

  13. Wonderful shots. The running trail is beautiful.

  14. Love how you named your shoes! ah ha ha

  15. nice shoes!! and what a breath taking beauty your trail is...
    if i got a trail like that, everyday I would run... ;)
    live healthy laura!

  16. Love the shadow runners shots!!! Glad to have you on deck over at abbeystyle...thanks for checking it out and sticking around.
    I have another blogrunner friend from Canada... B. C. both put up running posts this weekend.
    I'm attaching myself to your follower gadget and will be checking in regularly!
    Thanks for stopping by...

  17. Oh Pooch! I worship my ASICS! Mine are red lightning! Good on you three, you definitely rock!!
    Off for a trail run myself right now!!

  18. Hi Laura,

    Those are some mighty fine shoes. I need new ones so am inspired to look for some, too. I'm not a runner, but I'm thinking of starting some training to do a 10k run or some such thing next year to celebrate going to be 50.

    Have fun! xx Aden

  19. fantastic!- Keep running. had a beer in the Black Dog pub ( as I said I would) in Cumbria. NO chance to post as yeat. :o)

  20. Love your new shoes :))))
    You can also run with it ....... LOL
    Unique shadowshots !!!!


  21. Hey Pooch, Thank you so much for your visit...

  22. Esas zapatillas de deporte están muy nuevas ¡¡¡¡¡ Muy divertida esta serie de fotos.
    Un abrazo Laura


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