Thursday, March 4, 2010

happy things

lately, i have been measuring happiness in moments rather than entire days or events or generalities.
the following photos are moments in which i recently felt very happy.

i LOVE coloured glass.  i just took some random pictures.  the top one is in the kitchen sink, the bottom one in my living room

this little corner of the earth is pretty cool.  its where i live at the moment

this is the newly renovated bathroom.  the old one could have won the "most ugly-assed bathroom" award.  now its pretty.  i think anyone deserves to see prettiness first thing when you wake up

during renos, i had to get a drain kit for the clawfoot tub.  seriously, this picture was on the box.  needless to say i bought that one!  then i cut him out and framed him for the bathroom.  yeah.

olympic mittens i got for christmas

me on new years eve at the beach with special k and a fruit bouquet new years day

*sigh * david bowie

and luiza.  
you seem gentle and sweet and kind. 
i feel happy that people from all over the world can connect and inspire each other and share in this way.

thank you all 

thats it for today ~pooch morning glory


  1. How Gorgeous Pooch
    I think you are right.. happiness needs to be found in the moments otherwise it may get overlooked some days.. That's what I am trying to do right now and thanks for reinforcing that..

    I got a good laugh at the 'boy on the box' I would have bought that one too,. Too bad you don't get him to come around and 'fix your plumbing'..

    Congratulations on the award... it's always fun to come here and see what you are up to.. xx Julie

    Oh Love that second photo!! and had to laugh at the washing up. was caught doing the same the other day...sad.. but true!!

  2. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

    I love your house, it looks so cosy! And the bathroom became wonderful, after the makeover. I´m happy it didn´t get the "most ugly-assed" award, before...haha.

    I love colored bottles , too. Have some standing in my house, as well.

    Take care , for now,my wonderful and sweet friend!


  3. What decorative drain kit packaging you have in Canada! Too funny. I also share a love for coloured glass.

  4. i like it that you framed the illustration for the drain kit! the glimpse of your new bathroom looks very inviting, and i'm glad so many things make you happy.

    my favourite david bowie song is the sad one: '... and i ain't got the power anymore'

  5. Hey Laura, coloured glass is beautiful!!! And look at all that snow...we don't see sights too often like that!!! Love your new bathroom...especially that cut out LOL!!! Bet those mittens came in handy for the Olympics...have a great Friday, Dzintra♥x

  6. Pooch MOrning Glory...You are the bomb!!! so funny..loved the D.Bowie picture..he sure looks cute in that one...Your post made me laugh out loud...thanks for your

  7. Hi Laura
    Those pictures are all FANTASTIC
    I believe it makes you happy :)))))
    Your house looks beautiful :-)

    Hugs for gypsy from Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  8. I'd buy a drain kit with that picture on it too! Buy the bath as well if necessary ;-). Love the bluuuuueeee at the top.

  9. wow laura,
    u sure have a marvelous touch in renovating..hehe! your bathroom looks soo cozy.

    and your house, lovely!!

  10. Unas fotos con unos colores y luces muy bonitas.
    Un retrato muy bueno,el de la chica y la copa.
    Bravo Laura

  11. lovely glass, lovely pictures, lovely bathroom and gorgeous man ;)


  12. 1- Really nice shadow in your living room;
    2- Beautiful snow pic!
    3- Very funny regarding the box you bought! :-)

  13. I love your random collection of photographs that make you happy...especially the guy in the bath. I think that that one would make me happy too !!!!
    Have a great weekend. XXXX

  14. I just love your New Years Fruit Bouquet, never seen anything like it, so pretty and so delicious.
    Your right there are not enough happy moments in any life and we definitely should show our gratitude for all that we do have, somehow that seems to bring more such moments into our lives Good one.

  15. Thanks for the visit Pooch...not to bad for an old gal eh...Cynthia

  16. Real happy moments indeed! And congratulations on receiving the award :)

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