Tuesday, March 23, 2010

jesse cook march 04, 2010

i have been in love with this music for 20 years, and finally got the opportunity to see it live.
and, im SO happy that i did.  i'll never be the same
"Fiery, passionate and percussive guitar work, Moorish rhythms and smouldering onstage charisma – it can only be Canada's Jesse Cook!"- quote from the website

these 2 pics are off the net.  not the best shots, but i couldnt get that close haha

check out his website.  believe me, you will not be disappointed !
* sigh *
volume at least medium haha

the center in the square, kitchener ontario was the venue.  and, a good one
the following are just a few shots from inside

this last pic is special k holding up her cd after the show. wooo!

this youtube vid rocks.

i absolutely love it when an experience changes me....

all for now ~ pooch morning glory


  1. No wonder you are so happy - it is great music! It would have been great to see live.

  2. You go PMG!!! thats it...live it up and enjoy...Happy days!! cynthia

  3. Hi Laura, how wonderful you were able to enjoy this concert and to have the experience change you...That's the best!!!

  4. There is nothing better than a live gig....and, I always have my volume set at VERY LOUD !!

  5. So I see it was worth waiting for 20 years! :-)

    I really enjoyed Long Thanh photos! Thank you so much for the tip, I have never heard of him before but the site is now in my favourites.

  6. Siempre estás de fiesta, Laura. Que suerte¡¡

  7. Hey Laura
    Sounds like you have a fab time... I haven't heard of him.. but then that would be no reflection on the artists.. will pop over and have a look... Glad you are having fun over there.. xx Julie

  8. LOL
    I wish we where 20 years youngher .... LOL
    LOvely music post :-)

  9. Your post rocks! Looks and sounds like real fun!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Hi Laura, Thanks for your comment on my latest post. Truly, we are much happier now that we aren't involved any more. I didn't make a very good stage mother, not that I was trying to be one. Tell me, why are we connected? Aden

    P.S. Now I'll have to check out Jesse Cook as I've never heard of him.

  11. Beautiful settings, so glad that you got to see Jesse live! Lucky ;)

  12. Laura- your lsat line is SO true. Its always an amazing experience to feel that some event has changed you. I agree 100%. I will have a drink for you at the Black Dog pub near Askam in Furness ;o)

  13. I feel like I am definitely missing out but feel so much better now that at least someone I know has seen Jesse Cook. Given the Internet pictures, it's a bit of a pity you couldn't have seen him up closer - and I'm not talking about the quality of the pictures ;-).
    Hope you still went for a run afterwards...

  14. Hey Pooch, thanks for your visit and your hug...back at cha...cynthia

  15. Must have been a great concert, lucky you, its wonderful 'being there' atone of the good ones.

  16. Looks like a fun night out! Jesse has such a nice voice. Didn't he sing an old Crowded House tune?

  17. Came to wish you a happy easter with lots of joy and love!!!
    Take care!


  18. Have a



    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)


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