Saturday, February 27, 2010

two romantic comedies / GO CANADA

this entry is still post valentine-y so i thought i best get to it..

this little gem is of course an ice sculpture of inuksuk, presumably to cheer on canadian olympic snowboarding..  pooch special k and i saw it on someones front lawn driving back thru stratford on one of our road trips.

The word inuksuk means "something which acts for or performs the function of a person." 

this is a photo of the table, ticket and program of 2 plays, of which pooch german girl performed in one
pooches are usually multi-talented, and pooch german girl is certainly no exception
there she is .  soooo cute.  just my opinion, but i didnt like the first play.  it was called strawberries in january ( altho i like strawberries any month ) 
the second one, my narrator, was REALLY funny.  big thumbs up to pooch GG.  you rocked it.

another table top pic and two from the window outside the theatre.

this is the theatre . 
i can walk there in under 2 minutes which is cool. 

"Once a horse stable in the heart of Goderich, The Livery Theatre now houses the best in amateur theatre, music and film. Nationally acclaimed as one of the finest in intimate halls for aesthetic and acoustic ambience, and home to one of Canada's longest-running community theatre groups, The Livery is a historic jewel intimately set for the performing arts."

all for now *GO CANADA *
~pooch morning glory


  1. Hi Pooch
    Well congrats and woo hoo for German Girl Pooch... nothing like having talented friends!! keeps you on your toes.. and entertained!!! How Fab to have that theatre so close to you. Do you go often? I can't remember the last time I went.. but all the nicer with your friends in starring roles..

    Well I love that inuksuk. Love the word too.. I think I have a few work colleagues who are 'Inuksuk'!! Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  2. Wow...fancy living so close the theatre...Lucky Pooch!!! Congrats to Pooch German Girl!!! I bet it was great...Dzintra♥x

  3. Good for GG. I hope Special K was there too; I'd hate for her to have missed it.

  4. Wonderful shots. Very nice designs in red.

  5. good morning and thanks for visiting me... I like your spin on life and the pursuit of happiness..we all could use a little of that...Can I follow you along??? I want to play with you fun girls...cynthia Wolff

  6. I allways enjoy the variety in your posts. Keep them coming! :-)

  7. Un muñeco de hielo muy gracioso. Felicidades por vuestras medallas en los juegos olimpicos de invierno.
    Un abrazo, Pooch

  8. Ha! I know a couple of Inuksuks here too - though thankfully not many!! Looks like you had a great time at that groovy looking theatre. Thanks for dropping by and checking out the French snow ;-) Guess you have enough of it over there though.

  9. Love the table decorations all sparkly and pretty. Nice to be so close to a theatre, we have a tiny room where locals put on small shows, I must go see some.

  10. Oh, I love the ice sculpture. I love it when people join in. I have to say that Canada and specifically, Vancouver put on the most spectacular Winter Games and the patriotism of the Canadians was astounding. I only hope that we can do as well in 2010...I'm a little worried that we won't come up to your standard.!!
    Hi five to you for a fantastic 2 weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though we only got one gold medal !! We're not that brilliant at winter sports !! XXXX

  11. Two minutes walk from the theatre. You are very lucky to live so close! And I was really glad to know this blog wasn't about dogs! Cheers Anita


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