Friday, March 19, 2010

all in good fun

here in canada - and i can only speak for myself - we will do almost anything to break the monotony of a long winter.  yes, even if it means green beer and tacky ( but fun ) accessories.
i think most of it isnt even based in true tradition, but it is fun

thats me on the left, special k and pooch LL ( she took this pic )
the next couple of shots i took while window shopping in stratford

guinness truffles sound pretty good to me


a collection of green things in my kitchen

some pretty drinks before we left

this is the place we went for a couple pints

a couple pints and yes, i was decorated too

this is green shoe girl.  we didnt know her really well, but shes definitely a pooch

and if you ever wonder why we do it......

and... if i give in to the spirit and the contagious joy....
i do feel lucky !

for my grandpa daniel patrick mc myler

~pooch morning glory


  1. My goodness, you don't hold back over there! I'm glad you had such a jolly time. Hello to Special K. Tell her she was my favourite even before I saw her in the green hat.

  2. Hey Laura
    I left a comment but think i may have lost it.. so here is another abbrev version...

    I'm thinking what a hangover you may have after that session... green beer!! sounds like something an aussie would do!! xx Julie

  3. Anything that is fun, is alright in my book and, if it involves alcohol it's even better !!!! XXXX

  4. Yes, that chick in the green shoes was definitely a Pooch!! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  5. Thanks for the visit and words of encouragement!! Guinness Truffles!!
    Sign me up...! I'll have me Guinness in any form thank you very much..Blessings, Cynthia

  6. You did get right into the spirit of St Pats day, can't say I blame you, I would too after a long hard winter, but her is is end of summer and still lovely, we kept away from the revelers at the pubs, but I did post a couple of green things on my other blog just to note the day. Glad you had lots of fun.

  7. Well, I´ve seen many different things , so far in my life. But I´ve never seen green beer, haha! Looks pretty interesting, if you ask me! I had a friend, once, she drank beer mixed with milk! YUKKY!!!

    Seems you had a fabulous time, and that´s all that matters, right?


  8. to be sure to be sure! :o) Beer is ALWAYS good....

  9. I want to know where she found her green shoes. Do you think there are orange ones the same??? What a wale of a night, keeping up the Pooch reputation!!

  10. To be sure...a great post the green shoes too...Think I could do with a green drink after this graduations stuff is all over ha ha♥x

  11. ermmm... what's the history behind St. Patrick's Day?
    sorry, i don't know this part.
    care to explain?
    but m glad you girls had such a great celebration ;)

  12. This is such a funny and cheerful green post! :-)


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