Saturday, November 28, 2009

o canada

still no snow here ! YAY... im not a huge fan !

BUT, while out raking the last of the leaves in the yard, i found this beauty.


~ pooch morning glory

Friday, November 20, 2009

funky and fabulous

furniture makeover1
so.... i wish i would have remembered to take a "before" photo..... but, suffice to say this piece of furniture was quite unfortunate looking. in its defense, its strong and still has purpose.

it was this shiny, light coloured, pretending wood... kind of retro but not funky enough. and the handles used to be shiny gold but it had all worn off and they were very dull

i used sandpaper, spray primer and high gloss lime green spray paint. it took me all of 3 hours to finish. the handles are high gloss black spray paint.

interesting how the room seems a different colour. the first 2 pics are taken in the night. these last 2 are in daylight. the end wall is painted zebra. thats pooch rock daughters handi work. she took her furniture to university, so her room was a bit empty!

i love it. funky and fabulous!

~pooch morning glory

Sunday, November 15, 2009

christmas in bayfield with special k

pooch special k and i decided to go to a nearby town for an event called christmas in bayfield. its an annual event where all the shops serve hot apple cider and cookies as customer appreciation and they offer christmas deals ( no tax etc ) for early christmas shoppers.

the first cool thing is that we parked in front of this amazing tree! thats k, shes a little shy at first.... but we did practice our rhumba moves outside the store!

then we just started walking

thats me on the left and k on the right

i love that top.... the one in the window is pretty cool too

this is the shop where we had the most fun today. the next few pics are inside the shop bummer, i couldnt find a good website for them... its a great shop.

k bought the boots on the right, in charcoal, and a top and a hat

not this hat, but it is really cute

a partridge in a pear tree

then for refreshments, a little nourishment at the black dog
they have an extensive imported beer and scotch list.... mmm.... but we had tea.

theres the black dog closer up. see the pooch by the door?

then after shopping ourselves out.... o ya, i bought a gorgeous black, graduating to grey and then white silky pashmina, and black onyx earrings from indonesia at the wardrobe. .... we went home.

hmmm, i did get 2 gifts , but not much christmas shopping. we will look good tho!

all in all, i'd say it was another great day!! ~ pooch morning glory

to other pooch ~ if you ever read this, you were missed today ~ cheers. mb next year!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

running with my pooch friend LR

the truth is, i dont actually love running.... at least not yet! what i do love is getting out with my runner pooch friend. ( thats her in the pic below ) as you can see, she is a real runner. we have some great conversations, and of course, whats said on the trail, stays on the trail !
and, yes, i can actually talk and run at the same time. when we started this in april, all i could do was spit even tho she started me at walking 5 minutes and running 1. now i can walk 5 run 6, three times in an hour and sometimes more! woohoo!

the other thing that i love is the trail. the portion where we run the most is called menesetung bridge and tiger dunlop trail its a good thing its so beautiful .... it distracts me !

these 2 are taken from the boardwalk along the beach. we run here sometimes too!

i took all these photos myself during our run / walks. runner pooch says we run in the winter too. yikes ! i will try to take some pics while running in the snow! could be interesting.

all for now ~ pooch morning glory ~

ps i didnt take the pic of runner pooch....not sure who did

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the bearcats, and hallowe'en weekend 2009


my daughter carved this pumpkin for her party...its a spooky one!

this is the pooch pack for the night. left side is maria de poochia , then me ( my wig kept slipping haha ), then pooch punk ang ( they re sisters )

this is the venue for the blues show. its at the side entrance of frederick street mall in kitchener, ontario canada. its a tad sketchy but really alot of fun, and great blues clubs are better that way in my opinion. i think its hilarious that if you look just above where it says blues bar, it says " where old dogs learn new tricks". its hard to read but its true.

this is the band, the bearcats. they play some rockin' blues and are alot of fun. you can hear them here, just click on the listen tab or check out their website.

i thought this was such a cool photo. it was on the wall in the washroom at the bar. it says
"deceptive blues " - michael swan

the next night i went to a party at the residence of another pooch alumni. in this photo pooch cher ( aka punk ang ) , pooch raspberry and me. you cant see my costume but i was a cobweb.

check this out,,,, this was REALLY fun
thanks to pooch special k, pooch LR, pooch german girl, pooch R and me.

another weekend of adventure. fun party raspberry !! ~ pooch

Monday, November 2, 2009

flogging molly october 19 2009

i am lucky.... this is the second irish band i have seen in a month!

"If it didn't have mandolin, accordion, fiddle and whistle, it would be punk rock, and if it didn't have guitar, bass and drums, it would be traditional Irish music," King admits, adding, "You can't be bothered being labeled."

the evening started out with pooch noodle and i driving to the city of kitchener. we picked up pooch punk ang and headed out for dinner at our favourite viet / thai place. pooch lucy and pooch kt joined us for dinner

its called ben thanh and its soooo good

then off to the show......

elements night club

the bar

the band

the fans / punks ( my oldest daughters boyfriend is in there somewhere )

and.... if you want to hear a great song.....take a listen

~ cheers ~ .... go have a guinness !!

ps. i took all the pics, except both logos and the restaurant pic