Thursday, November 5, 2009

the bearcats, and hallowe'en weekend 2009


my daughter carved this pumpkin for her party...its a spooky one!

this is the pooch pack for the night. left side is maria de poochia , then me ( my wig kept slipping haha ), then pooch punk ang ( they re sisters )

this is the venue for the blues show. its at the side entrance of frederick street mall in kitchener, ontario canada. its a tad sketchy but really alot of fun, and great blues clubs are better that way in my opinion. i think its hilarious that if you look just above where it says blues bar, it says " where old dogs learn new tricks". its hard to read but its true.

this is the band, the bearcats. they play some rockin' blues and are alot of fun. you can hear them here, just click on the listen tab or check out their website.

i thought this was such a cool photo. it was on the wall in the washroom at the bar. it says
"deceptive blues " - michael swan

the next night i went to a party at the residence of another pooch alumni. in this photo pooch cher ( aka punk ang ) , pooch raspberry and me. you cant see my costume but i was a cobweb.

check this out,,,, this was REALLY fun
thanks to pooch special k, pooch LR, pooch german girl, pooch R and me.

another weekend of adventure. fun party raspberry !! ~ pooch


  1. Thanks for your visit :)

    Your daughter had fun I can see that !!
    Lovely funny post :)
    Have a womderful day.....
    Anya :)

  2. It looks like you had so much fun. Nice costumes..

  3. Hey Pooch!!
    Too much fun with all you pooches
    Well love your costumes and that great pumpkin!! Not to mention that blue spray on attire!!

    I forgot I told you that silly pub story... Have a great weekend and live with those famous words of Oh so wise Gil
    xx hehehe Julie

  4. It seems you had lots of fun! :-)


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