Sunday, November 15, 2009

christmas in bayfield with special k

pooch special k and i decided to go to a nearby town for an event called christmas in bayfield. its an annual event where all the shops serve hot apple cider and cookies as customer appreciation and they offer christmas deals ( no tax etc ) for early christmas shoppers.

the first cool thing is that we parked in front of this amazing tree! thats k, shes a little shy at first.... but we did practice our rhumba moves outside the store!

then we just started walking

thats me on the left and k on the right

i love that top.... the one in the window is pretty cool too

this is the shop where we had the most fun today. the next few pics are inside the shop bummer, i couldnt find a good website for them... its a great shop.

k bought the boots on the right, in charcoal, and a top and a hat

not this hat, but it is really cute

a partridge in a pear tree

then for refreshments, a little nourishment at the black dog
they have an extensive imported beer and scotch list.... mmm.... but we had tea.

theres the black dog closer up. see the pooch by the door?

then after shopping ourselves out.... o ya, i bought a gorgeous black, graduating to grey and then white silky pashmina, and black onyx earrings from indonesia at the wardrobe. .... we went home.

hmmm, i did get 2 gifts , but not much christmas shopping. we will look good tho!

all in all, i'd say it was another great day!! ~ pooch morning glory

to other pooch ~ if you ever read this, you were missed today ~ cheers. mb next year!


  1. Bayfield looks like an old English town, and clearly they know how to do Christmas right.

  2. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such lovely comment. This is what I love about blogging, I meat so many new people, from all over the world. Don´t you think it´s great?

    I´m glad you wanted to take part in my giveaway.
    Good luck on friday.

    Have a nice day.

  3. laura,
    i LOVEEEE that top! U didn't buy it? =D
    it's never too early for christmas shopping..can't believe it's just a month away and new year will start peeking in soon...
    u have a great shopping and window shopping! Don't forget to bundle up to keep warm ;)

  4. Its almost christmas !!
    I see many inspirations on your blog :-)
    Nice post ...

  5. Shopping with hot apple cider. What's more you can ask?? Very nice photos..

  6. Wow, esto es todos los días un cierto fotográfica
    Gracias spor visitar mi blog y deja tu comentario

  7. Wow...what a wonderful place...Da Vinci Cafe and that Pub...and how cool does this all look while we swelter away here in the Land Down Under♥x

  8. Your shops are all showing up with Christmas decorations, nice and cheerful.
    Hot apple cider, never tried it hot.


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