Friday, November 20, 2009

funky and fabulous

furniture makeover1
so.... i wish i would have remembered to take a "before" photo..... but, suffice to say this piece of furniture was quite unfortunate looking. in its defense, its strong and still has purpose.

it was this shiny, light coloured, pretending wood... kind of retro but not funky enough. and the handles used to be shiny gold but it had all worn off and they were very dull

i used sandpaper, spray primer and high gloss lime green spray paint. it took me all of 3 hours to finish. the handles are high gloss black spray paint.

interesting how the room seems a different colour. the first 2 pics are taken in the night. these last 2 are in daylight. the end wall is painted zebra. thats pooch rock daughters handi work. she took her furniture to university, so her room was a bit empty!

i love it. funky and fabulous!

~pooch morning glory


  1. That's snazzy and full of zing. I have to admire anyone who can use spray-paint.

  2. I love the color
    its very special :-)

  3. Nice contrasting colors of the furniture.

  4. Hi Pooch
    You've done a great job on that finish! Can't see a single drip mark!

    Thanks for popping over. I'm still crazy busy xx Julie

    PS the temp the next day was 21c... from 43c to 21c!! arrghh!! haha

  5. Wau...very special..i like it.


  6. Ha sido una gran 80s retro muebles


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