Wednesday, November 11, 2009

running with my pooch friend LR

the truth is, i dont actually love running.... at least not yet! what i do love is getting out with my runner pooch friend. ( thats her in the pic below ) as you can see, she is a real runner. we have some great conversations, and of course, whats said on the trail, stays on the trail !
and, yes, i can actually talk and run at the same time. when we started this in april, all i could do was spit even tho she started me at walking 5 minutes and running 1. now i can walk 5 run 6, three times in an hour and sometimes more! woohoo!

the other thing that i love is the trail. the portion where we run the most is called menesetung bridge and tiger dunlop trail its a good thing its so beautiful .... it distracts me !

these 2 are taken from the boardwalk along the beach. we run here sometimes too!

i took all these photos myself during our run / walks. runner pooch says we run in the winter too. yikes ! i will try to take some pics while running in the snow! could be interesting.

all for now ~ pooch morning glory ~

ps i didnt take the pic of runner pooch....not sure who did


  1. I dont like to run ,too. but with a trail like that possibility of loving it is too high :))

  2. Hi there...just popping in to say thanks for the congrats on winning the charm over at Julie being Ruby♥x

  3. I love it to run :-)
    Its very good for our healthy and mind.
    (It keeps me young ..... LOL)
    Lovely post

    Have a nice sunday :-)

  4. WOW! What a breathtaking view!
    I used to run a lot but only at the beach, I like to pretend m on Baywatch..LOL!!
    M not an expert runner but m definitly an expert hiker! I can hike the jungles and climb the hills but no so good at running!
    With the view that u have, I don't mind just walking....enjoying the view, breathing in what seems to be the ooohhh so fresh air....*big sigh*

  5. wow! your town is stunning! that bridge is movie worthy! good luck with your training :)


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