Friday, October 30, 2009

my family

Since its still october, i decided to post a photo of me in my pooch oktoberfest hat. beside me in the pink sweater is pooch noodle ( formerly known as pooch nmc from the U2 post). she has been a good friend of my family for 20 years, and so becomes a part of us.

this is my oldest daughter. she is 23 and finishing university for english. she wants to teach. next to her is my son. he is 25 and is a licensed diesel mechanic.

my youngest daughter is on the far left. she is 18 and in first year university for fine arts. she also wants to teach. the other petite pooches are her friends. so cute

another pic of daddy cool. she is polydactyl. ( multiple toes on each foot )

and she sleeps funny
this is boner. we call her bones. she is my oldest daughters kitty

she sleeps funny too

i also have a couple more boys that i like to have around. on the far right is one. he is a mechanical engineer and we appreciate him ... he fixes my computer ! ( my son is on the left )

number 2 is in the middle. he is an apprentice carpenter and a cutie. his girlfriend is on the left and my son is on the right.

and my last boy is in calgary at the moment and i miss him

most times i think, pictures of other people dont mean much to anyone other than those that love them, but i just wanted to share my family. these are the people that make me the pooch that i am. xo

the only pictures i took are the ones of bones......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the garden at my house

Six years ago, almost to the day, when i bought my house, there was absolutely nothing in the back yard. well, with the exception of almost a full pail of roofing nails, and alot of broken glass. ( the previous owner had been a roofer by trade ). these photos will not give the full effect as i dont seem to have a shot of the pergola, but i can add more later.

morning glory

this is gypsy. she is old but we think she is still majestic and pretty

this is daddy cool. she is my youngest daughters new friend. they both just left for university.

i forget what these are called exactly but they are a type of iris


water lily

sunflowers and zinnia and whatever else is in there

it sure has come a long way in 6 years. i love.....

ps i took all these photos

Friday, October 16, 2009

U2 360 tour toronto sept 16 2009

A very special pooch named CR bought these tickets for her, myself and another pooch....lets call her NMc, as a gift. at the time it seemed sooo far away, as you can see she bought them in march. then one day early september she came to my house and said " you know, its 8 days till U2. we better figure out whos driving etc and what we re doing." then i started to get excited!!

Above is a pic of what the Rogers Center stadium looked like as all the people were arriving. it was a gorgeous night in toronto so the dome was open....awesome. the stage set up is called the claw and i believe they said that construction of it before each concert takes over 500 people.
and, to my delight, just as U2 is getting ready to come on stage, they played David Bowie - space oddity. *sigh*

And of course this is the CN tower as seen from inside the dome. they put on an incredible light show on the tower as U2 were performing.

and this, (above) though not of great quality photo wise, does at least give you an idea of how the stage looked ...and its potential.

this is a youtube link for a wee taste if you are inclined

they were tight, they rocked, they blew my hair back, they were perfect, as expected. and just for the record... Bono is SUPER HOT !

"she said infinity's a great place to start. o yeah." - Bono / U2

ps. i took these pics, except the last 2 are off the net. the youtube vid will say who did it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

grade 9

if you found me in the line up, you will notice that apparently i either didnt really know how to express my feminine side.....
or, maybe i just didnt care. o well, i was kinda cute still.
i wish this was my yearbook photo from grade 9. it is my face, but a friend of mine "yearbooked " me.
the "me" on the left looks pretty sure of herself. stylin, confident and beautiful.
the "me" on the right looks downright sassy, almost B-52 ish.
in real life, i dont think i was any of those things. i only remember feeling awkward and ungrounded.....but maybe that was just a little bit of what i was smoking that day.

"your face your race, the way that you talk....i kiss you , you re beautiful i want you to walk....." - that is a quote from david bowie - 5 years

Sunday, October 4, 2009

how it all began

A wise pooch once said,
The pooch & I met the second day of Grade 9 at Eastwood Collegiate--Home of "The Rebels". She was a day late because she & her cousin crashed his motorcycle in a ditch and had to spend the night there, so she was late for high school. I thought that was the coolest thing I ever heard and so we've been hanging out through the thick and thin of life ever since! Have fun picking us out of the line up! "
This is a quote from pooch LL, AKA pooch sunflower. she is a silent partner at the moment, but my hope is that one day this will change.
So, ....this is how it all began way back in 1976, although we didnt call ourselves pooches yet. I actually dont remember that day. Like i said....a wise pooch. She remembers everything. o man, thats the worst pic ever !!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

saturday, october 3, 2009

In my attempts to customize this site, i realize that it is slightly beyond my technological "area". the page will change slightly from day to day as i make it my own.
FUN though, and stretching my brain to the limits. the interesting thing is when i get something figured out, it seems easy ! ....and , why didnt i get that, like half an hour ago?
I have many things to post and share in the upcoming days, and im looking forward to digging up some of these memories and bits of pooch paraphernalia from times past. ( and sometimes not even remembered ! )
Ciao for now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Despite appearances, this blog will probably not ever have anything to do with dogs. The 'Pooches' are an elite group of crazed women searching for peace and groovy happenings all over the planet.

All of these pooches must pass a David Bowie quiz before they become Pooch Alumni.