Wednesday, October 7, 2009

grade 9

if you found me in the line up, you will notice that apparently i either didnt really know how to express my feminine side.....
or, maybe i just didnt care. o well, i was kinda cute still.
i wish this was my yearbook photo from grade 9. it is my face, but a friend of mine "yearbooked " me.
the "me" on the left looks pretty sure of herself. stylin, confident and beautiful.
the "me" on the right looks downright sassy, almost B-52 ish.
in real life, i dont think i was any of those things. i only remember feeling awkward and ungrounded.....but maybe that was just a little bit of what i was smoking that day.

"your face your race, the way that you talk....i kiss you , you re beautiful i want you to walk....." - that is a quote from david bowie - 5 years


  1. Hi Pooch
    Welcome to the world of blogging.. love your hairdo's. The B52 is kind of groovy... but I think I like the Miss Confident better.

    I'm having a giveaway... if you want to enter just look at the post prior to my last and leave a comment.. wouldn't want my new follower to miss out on the chance!! hehe


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