Thursday, October 22, 2009

the garden at my house

Six years ago, almost to the day, when i bought my house, there was absolutely nothing in the back yard. well, with the exception of almost a full pail of roofing nails, and alot of broken glass. ( the previous owner had been a roofer by trade ). these photos will not give the full effect as i dont seem to have a shot of the pergola, but i can add more later.

morning glory

this is gypsy. she is old but we think she is still majestic and pretty

this is daddy cool. she is my youngest daughters new friend. they both just left for university.

i forget what these are called exactly but they are a type of iris


water lily

sunflowers and zinnia and whatever else is in there

it sure has come a long way in 6 years. i love.....

ps i took all these photos


  1. It looks as though you've created a lovely cottage garden. What a sense of accomplishment to go from nothing to that.

  2. Fabulous Pooch
    An enchanted garden! I am still yet to buy my first house.. hoping it will be soon and will then know your joy of creating your own eden.

    Gypsy looks a bit like the cat we had as kids.. However 'tricycle' only had 3 legs. haha

    Have a great weekend. Julie

    PS... Just looking at your bookshelf.
    I have read most of Paulo Cohelo's books though fallen behind in his most recent lot! My favourites of course The Alchemist, but also The Pilgrimage and Down By The River Piedra She Wept.


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