Friday, October 30, 2009

my family

Since its still october, i decided to post a photo of me in my pooch oktoberfest hat. beside me in the pink sweater is pooch noodle ( formerly known as pooch nmc from the U2 post). she has been a good friend of my family for 20 years, and so becomes a part of us.

this is my oldest daughter. she is 23 and finishing university for english. she wants to teach. next to her is my son. he is 25 and is a licensed diesel mechanic.

my youngest daughter is on the far left. she is 18 and in first year university for fine arts. she also wants to teach. the other petite pooches are her friends. so cute

another pic of daddy cool. she is polydactyl. ( multiple toes on each foot )

and she sleeps funny
this is boner. we call her bones. she is my oldest daughters kitty

she sleeps funny too

i also have a couple more boys that i like to have around. on the far right is one. he is a mechanical engineer and we appreciate him ... he fixes my computer ! ( my son is on the left )

number 2 is in the middle. he is an apprentice carpenter and a cutie. his girlfriend is on the left and my son is on the right.

and my last boy is in calgary at the moment and i miss him

most times i think, pictures of other people dont mean much to anyone other than those that love them, but i just wanted to share my family. these are the people that make me the pooch that i am. xo

the only pictures i took are the ones of bones......


  1. Laura,
    u have a nice family and I have to say your daughters are all very pretty...I guess it comes from the mum's gene ;)

    thanx for sharing your family photos.


  2. Hey there!!

    I love all your family pics.. what a good looking bunch you have there! [remind me to hide any family pics i have... haha]

    Well that kitty takes the cake.. thought they were big looking paws she has!!! Just for you I am going to update my latest post with another pic.. a kitty pic... [a bit later though.. ]

    Have fun x Julie

  3. You have a lovely family and you definitely look too young to have such grown up children.. Hera says hi to Kitties..


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