Friday, October 16, 2009

U2 360 tour toronto sept 16 2009

A very special pooch named CR bought these tickets for her, myself and another pooch....lets call her NMc, as a gift. at the time it seemed sooo far away, as you can see she bought them in march. then one day early september she came to my house and said " you know, its 8 days till U2. we better figure out whos driving etc and what we re doing." then i started to get excited!!

Above is a pic of what the Rogers Center stadium looked like as all the people were arriving. it was a gorgeous night in toronto so the dome was open....awesome. the stage set up is called the claw and i believe they said that construction of it before each concert takes over 500 people.
and, to my delight, just as U2 is getting ready to come on stage, they played David Bowie - space oddity. *sigh*

And of course this is the CN tower as seen from inside the dome. they put on an incredible light show on the tower as U2 were performing.

and this, (above) though not of great quality photo wise, does at least give you an idea of how the stage looked ...and its potential.

this is a youtube link for a wee taste if you are inclined

they were tight, they rocked, they blew my hair back, they were perfect, as expected. and just for the record... Bono is SUPER HOT !

"she said infinity's a great place to start. o yeah." - Bono / U2

ps. i took these pics, except the last 2 are off the net. the youtube vid will say who did it.


  1. Voww its so good. I would love to see them live once before I die !!

  2. To Aysegul.. i highly recommend do it if you have the chance. sorry i couldnt figure out how to post the link properly. next time.


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