Saturday, January 14, 2012

2nd annual birthday shooting

Happy 2012 !!
i have been away in ontario again, to celebrate the holidays with my family and friends .... ( ontario friends.)

sooo....yeah, i had my 50th birthday while i was away.
it was fun..... not as scary as i imagined.   ;)
my son took me shooting again.

thats our target.  we each had one.

thats the red flag in the sun.  i think its a cool pic.

8 x 57mm mauser in the k98k rifle
thats the ammunition used for this rifle

thats my son

thats me

 on the stock
( ? ....i have no idea if thats what its called.... )
... ah, he says its called the barrel
and receiver,
the little symbol of the eagle clutching the swastika,
is a Nazi firing proof.
it means that the rifle was tested and approved.

heres a close up

this one is 9mm luger in the P38
i really liked shooting this one  hehe

theres our targets

mine.... i didnt even hit the paper with the rifle at 50 yards.
and not with the hand gun at 25 yards
what i did hit was at 10 yards...... it was SO cold out again, its the best i could do.  i barely wounded him. 
my son did much better !!

Im 50 now.  I may as well know how to shoot.

heres a commemorative video
i love it

hehe thats me (kidding)

all for now
have an amazing and awesome 2012  !!

~ pooch xx


  1. What else can one say after that? Kiss Ass Pooch!

  2. going strong and shooting not so straight works for you...Congrats!...and many more.....

  3. Oh Happy Birthday you gun totin' Pooch! I hope it was a good one and that 2012 will be full of adventure for you. xx

  4. Happy birthday to you! And thank you! that is why I love dec 21 also, the light is back. Happy new year to you. Hugs

  5. thank you all for the birthday wishes !
    ~pooch xx

  6. Pooch!!! Missing u!!! Hehe....
    What a great way to celebrate your golden age... dont get me wrong, old is gold ;) glad u enjoyed every second of it. Shooting? A new hobby? =D
    Lovin the pics!
    Love xoxo
    P.s. i dont see any problem on commenting as you mentioned.

  7. Hey Hey! Entering a golden age!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  8. Hey Son took me shooting cool your one took you again...HAPPY HAPPY belated birthday...hope it was great...wishing you a fantastic year ahead xoxo

  9. Happy happy 50 Pooch!!

    Well again.. apologies for tardiness.. so sorry to have missed the birthday post.. I'm sure you had a blast.. and I'm sure age is meaningless to you.. always out there discovering new things..

    i'll be hitting that special number this year also.. waaaaah... had hoped to do it OS.. but me thinks I've used up my travel quota for a while.

    Have a fantastic year.. and go forth and pave the wave for us kiddies trailing behind.. haha.. only joking.. ciao xxx Julie

  10. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year Laura...remember we are only as old as we feel and I still feel like a daft teenager.

  11. Happy belated birthday wishes, pooch! Glad to see you having so much fun and I wish you have more of such fun filled enjoyable moments in 2012! Best wishes to you :)

  12. Happy birthday, though belated. I celebrated my 70th on the 20th Jan.

  13. Belated congratulations, Laura! Here's to many more! :-)

  14. I am so late in my wishes but they are truly heartfelt..Happy Birthday! Quite a few years ago my brother took me shooting at his gun club and although I have "issues" with guns...I had a blast.
    Hope this is a great year for you.


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