Tuesday, January 31, 2012

morning visitors

i had visitors yesterday morning. 

my neighbour called and told me to look out my window.
these two beauties were just hangin' out eating
( ....shhh i think they escaped )

i cant imagine that what they were eating was better than what they had at home

but who am i to say.....

they live in the barn behind the crooked purple house that you can see between the tree

so, maybe its the scenery
or maybe the grass is actually greener on my side     :)

they hung out all day
but at some point, they either wandered home or someone came for them

looking at the sunset and the horses
reminds me of a song.....

o yeah....

all for now

~ pooch purple reign xx


  1. Dear Laura,
    What a wonderful sight to see them unannounced, so to speak. Such beautiful animals and, I have to say that I am somewhat envious of the beautiful view that you have. Slightly different to mine on the outskirts of London although, we do have countryside just up the road.
    ...,and, Oh Yeah, indeed !! XXXX

  2. That's a good day, a switch off the computer and watch the horses day, a celebrate the real world day. For sure.

  3. You had some wonderful visitors! And that church in the backround is beautiful. And yes I belive you that you see magic everywhere. Hugs

  4. They were beautiful! The grass would definitely have been greener on your side! You have the house between the trees so well.
    And what can I say about the sunset, its just picture perfect! You live in a heavenly place.
    Have a wonderful week ahead Laura:)

  5. oh, what a fabulous post!!! Love the contrasts of the snow and the horses...of course the grass is greener on your side!!

  6. Pooch! What a sight you have... i'm loving it. The horses are out for adventures ;) and the scenery is breath-taking (even in winter). And the grass is definitely greener on your side ;)

  7. Lovely images, sweet Laura! It is very Winter y here too xxxxx

  8. Really they are too beautiful. The new shoots must have lured them rot stray out. the sunset appears heavenly. thank you for this nice post.

  9. Laura,
    What a lovely surprise to see out your window! Horses are some of the the most beautiful creatures here on earth. Along with the horses, it looks like you have a fabulous view out your windows! What a wonderful place to live! Thanks so much for visiting, I'll be back often!

  10. What a gorgeous place...I can just imagine your house on the hill here...just lovely!!! Thanks for stopping by Laura...looking at these pics makes me feel cool ha ha!!!

  11. That's pretty awesome - I would've run out to pet the ponies. The view out your window is a winter wonderland!

  12. magical day
    magical shots!

    Warm Aloha from Hawaii
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  13. You should leave some carrots out for them. I always wanted to be a cowboy too, although I doubt strolling around the streets of Edinburgh dressed as Clint Eastwood packing a colt & western would be a good idea!!

  14. Wonderful visitors, lucky you! The bottom shot is gorgeous!

  15. Nice. like the last shot too! I had a dnrode/broke in horse for a bit.. ( no pun intended)

  16. wat lovely visitors you got....and that is a lovely sunset!!


  17. What a fun post! Your photos are gorgeous and the horses look like they had a great time of your side of the fence!

  18. Pooch. You live there? How awesomely beautiful..

  19. Well FANTASTIC cool visitors

    hugs from us all
    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<


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