Monday, December 5, 2011

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

I had company driving back from Ontario to PEI this fall, after the house closing.
We decided on a road trip, after the big road trip.

destination, peggys cove nova scotia

approximately 4 hours drive from where i live on the island

it's a magical place

just can't get enough

that reminded me of a song..... depeche mode
( just can't seem to get enough of mr. DG either *whhew*)

brings back some memories that pooch punk ang may or may not tell you about :)

awesome day !!

meanwhile, back on the ranch island

thats pooch purple reign, me, (left) and cousin pooch anne (right) hehe

see you soon
ontario or bust !
( back for family christmas holidays )

~ the pooch xx


  1. The place indeed looks magical and heavenly! Loved it, the captures are all gorgeous! Many thanks for sharing :-)

  2. That's a beautiful, beautiful lighthouse; I would like to live there.

  3. Hi Laura,
    What stunning scenery....and, not a person in sight !
    Love the photo of you and your cousin ! XXXX

  4. How breathtaking and beautiful! I would love to visit Peggy's Cove in the summer. Your photos are amazing and the last one is too cute! Cheers and happy holidays, cher!

  5. Awesome landscape...I've never been to Nova Scotia but know that I'd love it! Thanks for the tour, Laura :)

  6. Those are beautiful pictures, almost like postcards. Please tell me that you and your cousin are dressed up as Anne!

  7. I can see its a magical place! Thank you for sharing

  8. Pooch,
    as always.. marvelous heart-squeezing pictures and everytime i see the anne version of you, i couldn't help but to have this huge grin on my face =D you know i love those pose ;)
    have a great family holidays pooch! and happy advance birthday =D
    don't forget the pictures

    iantie xoxo

  9. What a breathtaking place! Beautiful photos as well :)

  10. Your pretty pictures make me long for warmer weather.
    Have a lovely time gearing up for Christmas sweet Laura xx

  11. I love little places like this, maybe I should spend my retirement on an old lighthouse. Talking about old skool punk..I'm more of a Clash man myself. Merry Christmas when it arrives.

  12. Stunning pics, loved the lighthouse one the most...
    Have a wonderful sunday Laura, Keep posting:)

  13. What an insanely beautiful place...Wow!

  14. Just dropped in to say Hello via Arti's blog. The light house is really beautiful rather beautifully captured. Wishing you a very happy New Year.

  15. We all wish you a Happy New Year
    hugs and love
    from your Dutch friends

    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

  16. Hi Laura -- thanks for popping by my blog today! I've been to Peggy's Cove a couple of times and have always enjoyed it there -- so picturesque!

  17. Hey Pooch..

    Those blue/green sea shots are soo beautiful.. all of these are just gorgeous and i imagine capture the raw serenity of this area.. Gee I really want to get there now.. not to mention getting to see Anne of Green Gables in person x 2!! hahahah... was scrolling through all these gorgeous shots and then came to these.. what a hoot.. perfect..

    ok.. sorry I'm so tardy!! just can't get my ducks in a row lately.. ciao xxx Julie


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