Friday, November 18, 2011

off season

here are some pics from when pooch special k came to visit

these are on the north shore

in and around cavendish PEI

off season, of course

thats special k

a bit of a grey day, and chilly

but still pretty

all for now

~pooch xx


  1. Are you kidding? That grey day looks just BEAUTIFUL! Oh how lucky is Special K to visit you ;-)
    You must get some great finds on the sand!!!

  2. that is a cold, blustery beach!.....still a walk along it would be wonderful....glad you had such fun!

  3. Hi Laura,
    Well, I think that the beach and the sea look wonderful at this time of year. Empty beaches and angry seas....I love it. Fabulous images.... I love places in the off season.....they take on a completely different feel.
    Much love XXXX

  4. The views are pretty, it does seem very cold to me!! The secluded beach looks very beautiful even on a grey day... Nice to see you having a great time Laura.
    Keep posting. Have a fantastic weekend:)

  5. Lovin' all those photos Pooch as always! =)

    -iantie xoxo

  6. Beautiful place. One of these days i will see it all in person. Love that lobster! ;)
    have a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful beach sceneries! The sand dunes on top looks so very much like a beach not so far from here. Great shots!

  8. I would love to visit that beach! I prefer the beach off seasons when it is cold and windy

  9. Yep, definitely pretty. I hope you had fun with your visitor. xx

  10. HI Laura
    It looks fabulous... I love the sea.. grey or blue.. rough or calm.. I think the off season gives one a truer version of the place.. no crowds..

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  11. Beautiful scenery! Would love to visit in the summer, of course. :) So glad you got to visit with Special K. Have a lovely week!

  12. booyah! chilly and boistrous looking, Mr. Sea. So many weather moods along the coast, eh?

  13. the beach seems chilly and the waves looks pretty scary but it is scenic. would love to take a leisurely walk there. :)

  14. Great pics, did you catch that lobster all by yourself?

  15. Esa playa invita a dar un gran paseo. Feliz Navidad ,Laura:)

  16. Some very nice shots! Canada seems so far away from where I live :) Happy weekend ahead.

  17. Thanks for stopping by to visit Laura and come by soon. That beach, even though grey and cloudy, looks like something from a fairy tale


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