Monday, January 24, 2011

toronto in december

 i went back to ontario to spend the holidays with my family.
my flight there was cancelled due to a fuel leak on the plane.
so i arrived in toronto the next day.  i went with pooch lucys (oldest daughters ) boyfriend to see black swan.
 walking through the manulife center, we took some pics of the sparkly decorations
 black swan was amazing btw

thats him taking the pic and me to the left of him

 oops, this one was supposed to be turned

the next 2 are buildings i liked along the way

pretty sure this was on the side of the liquor store

this one was on the subway

and this, maybe the best graffiti i have ever seen!


all for now

~ pooch out xx


  1. These are beautiful pics... I especially loved the two buildings, they are magnificent!!
    Have a good time:-)

  2. um... I take it you like Bowie... :o)

  3. Out and about, you are! Glad you made it to Ontario and could have that wonderful evening with pooch lucy, etc.

    I've got to get out myself to see Black Swan!

  4. Great photographs Laura......I like the one that is the wrong way up !!!!! If you hadn't have said, I would never have known !!!!
    .... pretty clever graffiti too.
    My friend went to see Black Swan and didn't like it at all !!!! Isn't it funny how differently people find a film ? XXXX

  5. That's the hottest graffiti I ever saw.

  6. Lovely pictures Pooch!
    I haven't manage to watch Black Swan just yet but with your note, I might just make an effort to watch it :)
    Have a lovely week ahead
    iantie XXX

  7. Love the graffiti! have you ever seen any of the british graffiti artist 'Banksy'? look him up on google images, AMAZING!


  8. Pretty cool reflections on the Christmas decorations. Also like the b&w façade of the beautiful building. And of course David 'Ziggy Stardust' Bowie too. Can't wait to watch Black Swan, by the way.

  9. Hi Laura
    I like the Pooch Poster... cute!!! and the graffiti is art .. isn't it??? fabulous!!!

    Well I haven't seen the movie yet... but glad you liked it... Have a great week... Is a public holiday here today... Australia Day... so fireworks tonight.. ciao xxx Julie

  10. Wow Laura that graffiti is the best!!! Wow that's a bit scary having a fuel leak on the plane...Dzintra

  11. Wonderful graffiti! I have heard so much about Black Swan but I have not seen it yet

  12. I just found you. Really like your self description! and I can feel your joy when you discovered the david bowie graffiti! I really must see black swan!

  13. Yep. That's definitely hot graffiti. Loving your new look too. xx

  14. Aw, I've been in Toronto ten years ago, such an amazing city!
    Enjoy a lovely Thursday, Laura xxx

  15. Great pics! Glad to hear that you got to go home for the holidays and that you're having some fun! Haven't seen Black Swan, yet, but hope to soon! Have a splendid weekend, cher! Cheers!

  16. Great random shots that all together make for particularly good viewing. And the common thread of the color red (whether planned or not) ties it all together nicely. Love photo series like this.
    Have a great Sunday,

  17. Estupendo grafittis dos iconos de los 80.


  18. David Bowie and Bob Marley would be proud! Great grafitti and a nice buzz around the big city....Great place to visit but.......


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