Monday, January 3, 2011

new years lobster

 pooch special k found this website with instructions for what to do if you are a woman and ringing in the new year alone
 ( i assumed by choice )

 so i go in to charlottetown and buy a new years lobster for my dinner

i got him already cooked but fresh.
im just not ready for the whole "live steaming" thing yet

i bought myself one red rose and i already had a bottle of cheap bubbly.   good enough to ring in the new year and say good bye to a shitty one

these are the necessary tools to crack the dinner, but keep in mind that i have never done this before.
when i first arrived on the island i went to 2 lobster suppers but they are conveniently already cut
ready to dig in

to preserve the lobsters dignity, i did not photograph the carnage that ensued, but suffice to say he got the best of me
to preserve MY dignity, i vowed to conquer this in the morning with less bubbly in my blood.... which i did, with renewed vigour
and retained my newly acquired title of "islander"

so k and i decided to skype.  
the wierd part is that its a photo of my computer screen looking at her christmas tree and television with my skype box in the upper right corner
you can only see both of our boobs but im taking the pics

i dont have any channels so we watched her tv
the above pic shows the labrador and atlantic time zone ringing in the new year

you can see our choices for which channel to watch.  we saw some of new york city, 
some of niagara falls and some atlantic canada

next we rang in the new year in her time zone an hour later

and this was the most important part

"As some nationalities have practiced over the years, make sure you have these 3 items in your possession when the clock strikes midnight: 1) money in your pocket so you will have a year full of prosperity; 2) food on your table so you will have a bountiful year and 3) a red rose in your hand so you will have a year full of love!"

Read more: How to Celebrate New Year's Eve By Yourself (For Women Only) |

~ may all your hopes and dreams come true ~

~ the pooch xx


  1. Hey Pooch...wishing you a year full of Love!!! Wishing you a Prosperous Year ahead with much food on your table...and roses around you when possible...When I pick my next rose I will think of you...Lots of Love, Dzintra♥x

  2. Hi there, sweet friend!
    Thank you for the comment you left !!!
    I want you to know it means a lot to me!!!!

    Hope you´ll have a great new year, and wishes for all of your dreams to come true!!!

  3. ha, i would have had a hard time with that lobster too! it's huge!...that must have been quite a feast! are on your way to a great year in a new place full of exciting prospects! cheers with bubbly! Susan

  4. Happy New Year Pooch!!!
    is that a champaign glass the webcam sat on? LOL!
    May you have wonderful years ahead!!!

  5. Hey there pooch. Happy New Year! Love the lobster dinner for one - you stylish thing you!! Anyway, we (Jason and I) were fast asleep at midnight - very boring compared to yours.xx

  6. Great post! A cool celebration and what a big, beautiful lobster! Wishing you a wonderful new year, filled with everything that your heart desires! Cheers, cher!

  7. Sounds good to me Laura.....delicious lobster, a bottle of bubbly and a friend at the end of the computer.
    We were out to lunch on New Year's Eve and, I had lobster spaghetti in a lovely Italian restaurant in London. We then had to come home for a party, otherwise we would have watched the fireworks.
    Wiahing you a wonderful New Year, filled with joy, happiness, many special moments and LOTS of red roses !! Many thanks for all of your lovely comments throughout 2010. Much love. XXXX

  8. What a fabulous way to ring in the new year!

  9. Love your last picture with the money, food, and a rose for love!!! What a great idea...never heard of this skyping with your daughter was lovely...such a fun way for us to know what you're up to. You're living an adventure out there in the semi-wilderness but it looks extremely romantic!!! Happy New Year, Pooch Purple Reign!!!!

  10. What an creative way to celebrate new years evening. I can see in my head how you are "fighting" with that lobster! I wish you a wonderful new year and may you dream come true. You are a brave woman

  11. Wish you a very very Happy New Year full of love, peace and happiness!!

  12. Happy New Year - You are very brave tackling that lobster - I have NEVER tried it (but would love to!)

    I have written out my Seville Orange Marmalade recipe as requested, and given it it's own page! (tab at the top of the blog)


  13. A New Year lobster. Didn't know about this tradition for NYE. Happy 2011, Laura.

  14. lobster is ALWAYS the best! ( even for guys! lol)


  15. Well Pooch.. if only I had known this before NYE!! hhaha
    I spent NYE alone also. and just before midnight headed down to the beach to see some fireworks.. and a very distant view of the city extravaganza... I can't remember if I had money in my pocket.. but certainly my camera in my hand, my mobile phone and my car keys!! Will I become a travel photographer?? hehehe

    Happy New Year to you Dear Laura.. thank you for all your kindness and friendship over the last year! and always a bit of fun here!! Wishing you the best of everything for 2011.... lots of love.. xxx Julie

  16. laura!!! received the package!!! MILLION THANX!!!!


  17. My goodness, Laura, you're a woman of Style and Pizzazz. I'm honoured to know you.

  18. I'm just going to scroll over the lobster bit (as a vegetarian it's a bit distressing! haha)

    Happy new year!


  19. That looks delicious. I would love to taste it.

  20. Una cena de Rey y muy divertida¡¡¡ Feliz año nuevo.
    espero que no llueva donde vives.

  21. Hi Laura,
    I am so glaad you came by to say hi. Your blog is awesome and I can't wait to spend more time here. I love PEI and someday I want to visit the gorgeous place.

  22. Happy new year Laura thanks for dropping by my wee blog, I'm with you on the lobster boiling couldn't do it. Whereabouts in Scotland did you visit?

  23. I am great with lobsters, I get every tiny succulent scrap of lobster meat from all parts, because I just love them. Nice way to celebrate on ones own. I basically just stood on my balcony and watched fireworks and several bands playing on the foreshore, plus all the noisy crowd enjoying themselves. Nice though, as I had a bottle of wine too!

  24. I just threw two sweet Laura notes in the big giveaway hat, fingers crossed for you!
    Have a happy tuesday, we are blown away by tons of rain and wind. xxx

  25. Well geez, I did none of the three so I guess we had better skip to 2012? shucks.....


  26. All I can say to that one Pooch is BUGGER (slapping forehead!!) NOw I KNOW why I've never gotten rich. This year I am keeping money in my pocket on NYE :)
    The rose is gorgeous and congrats on the 'homard'

  27. The lobster looks fabulous! And will remember the 3 things to have when the year changes. In the South, we have a tradition of having black-eyed peas on New Year's Day - for good luck in the new year.

    Thanks for your visit. I see you live on Prince Edward Island, which I think is lovely! We visited there last Fall while on a cruise. Hubby & I rented a car a toured the whole island! One of by posts in November is a mosiac (not a very good one since I was just trying out Photoscape) of church steeples, mostly taken on Price Edward Island. Another post was "s stroll thru Quebec City". If you have time, stop back by.

    I have just become your latest friend and follower (from Texas).



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