Monday, February 28, 2011

more fun in toronto

i've been away
two weeks in kingston ontario at my brothers, then pooch youngest daughter came to PEI for a visit
these pics are catch up from my trip to toronto for the holidays
sadly, the day i arrived i found out that our oldest cat gypsy had passed away.
when i made the transition to PEI, she stayed behind with my mom

pooch special k made this marker for her grave and we opened a bottle of bubbly to celebrate her life
RIP gypsy

there she is in her last summer
looking pretty and regal, i think

my last post showed some sights in toronto and this is a continuation

some of these are on the street and some are inside this huge wierd discount store called honest ed's

this is kitchener-waterloo now
youngest pooch daughters paper christmas tree... SO cute

johnny spent christmas with us.....

and i will end that visit with the most bizarre little snow man .....
we found him down the street....... i had nothing to do with him except the photo... lol

all for now

~ the pooch xx


  1. Welcome back. Looks like you had a great time, the pics are just awesome... Loved then all- the snowman, the tricycle and the colors!!
    Have a wonderful week:-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your gorgeous feline Pooch. Love her grave marker though. I don't remember that weird department store from when I was last in Toronto. Obviously didn't have my glasses on straight ;-)

  3. love the dragon!
    happy night

  4. aw it's always sad when one of our pets passes but i like how you celebrated her life...and, yep that's a strange looking snowman...dzintra

  5. Sorry to hear about the cat. We have a 17 year old cat- Midnight and I have to make the hard chocie in gettting him put down soon.. he cannot control his bladder, if he gets stressed, and its just awful. :o/ poor boy.

  6. So sorry about your dear little Gypsy. The marker is a nice tribute to her. Love all the pics and that leopard rug under that adorable paper tree. Looks like a wonderful visit. Cheers!

  7. Glad you're back...and I'm so sorry about your kitty-cat. I know how it feels to lose such a lovely member of the family. I still cry over her now and then...

  8. I'm so sorry about your fur baby!

  9. Sorry about Gypsy, so sad... Nice selection of posters.

  10. How are you? sorry to hear about Gypsy. It's so hard when pets die.
    Honest Ed's is such a funny place to wander around in - love it!

  11. Sad to hear about Gypsy. She did look regal in that photo.
    And sure you had nothing to do with that weird snowman...

  12. I know Honest Ed's... Fun pictures!

  13. I was sorry to hear of your loss of Gypsy. Losing a beloved pet is always difficult. We are still morning the loss of our Golden 5 years ago...Unconditional love is hard to replace or forget...


  14. O Pooch!
    Miss you so very much!
    Welcome back but sorry 'bout your Gypsy though. She must be much loved. 17 years old? Couldn't believe she lived that long.
    My cat, Lampuh (Fatty) disappeared last year. She was with us for 10 years. Still miss her terribly.

  15. so sorry about Gypsy!...she was truly a beautiful cat and hard to lose our buddies....

  16. These are some fun pictures, Laura. I have seen that lovely tower too, many years ago ^_^

    Love for a lovely weekend xxxx

  17. So sorry about gypsy. You do have some nice photos.

  18. thanks for the visit and sweet comment!
    happy day

    ♥ ♥

  19. Great pics, sorry to hear about your wee cat.

  20. So so so sorry Laura about sweet Gypsy :(
    I missed alot from last summer
    but you know the reason !!
    I had also a very sad 2010.

    I send you power to go on

    Have a nice week-end
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)

  21. bizarre snowman is a winner.. you sure you didn't have something to do with it? hehehe

    Sorry to hear about Gypsy... she looks much like my childhood cat...

    Have a lovely week Laura.. ciao xxxx Julie

  22. Wonderful and colorful images of Toronto.

  23. I,m so sorry about your sweet Gypsy.
    Wonderful and nice photos.

    Thanks for the visit and sweet comment:))

    Have a nice week Laura!


  24. Muy bien no deja de divertirte y de enseñarnos lugares increíbles¡¡ Un abrazo

  25. Glad to be visiting back Laura, the photos are really amazing!

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    You could see a photograph of Lassi in one of my previous posts here--

    Lassi in Jaipur

  26. I am sorry to hear about Gypsy.
    Yes that snowman looks strange!

  27. Sorry to hear of your loss of your beautiful pet. What a sweet and lovely cat..


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