Saturday, July 30, 2011

one fine day

i love how laundry looks when its drying in the sun 

then i planted some squash

im not totally sure whats planted in here.... it will be a surprise

my neighbour eurie gave me this sweet chair.
any cool ideas what i can do with it??

and last, ice cream.  special east coast flavours

i havent tried them yet.... maybe when im back

i took all these pics before i left the island
im back in ontario for the summer

ah, the ontario heat !!
all for now

~pooch purple reign xx


  1. Hey welcome back! I'd sand back that chair and paint it black. xx

  2. good to see what's up back east...i love clothes on the line is the cool chair...spray it white...can't go wrong with white...i wish i had some ice cream....finally hot here it!

  3. Great pics of the laundry on the line!

    Thanks for the comment on the bublle picture. If I ever repost it, I may use your remark "a bug free zone" ;)

    Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Gift Card Giveaway!! If there are 500 entries, the amount will increase the Gift Card to $100.

  4. Missed you, Laura. Glad to see you back with these fun little projects...diggin' that old fencing! The chair is idea would be to sand it down and leave it natural...maybe a clear coat of poly?

  5. what is it about drying washing in the sun that is so appealing!!! I would just restore that chair...we are waiting for the heat to come down here now!!! Happy sunday to you Laura...Dzintra

  6. Hi Laura,
    So glad to see your post in my dashboard...
    Yup clothes drying especially with the beautiful scenery behind them is cool!!
    And the chair is majestic too...
    Dont forget to invite me for the ice cream, I love them!!!
    Have a fabulous Sunday:)

  7. so that's what you've been up to! Hope you are enjoying the summer.
    everyone's mantra this summer..the heat the heat!!!!

  8. I like the laundry shots. Beautiful pastel colours.

  9. is it my eyesight, or do you have such reliable weather that you can dry clothes with no clothes-pegs?

  10. Hi Laura,
    Beautiful images of laundry blowing on the line, plants that will be a suprise, ice cream and a chair that will look wonderful when it's sanded down, painted and distressed.
    So Summery. XXXX

  11. Welcome back, I was wondering what you were up to! Great pics! That chair is cool! I think you should paint it black with maybe a leopard or zebra cushion.:) Glad you're having a fun summer in Ontario. Cheers, cher!

  12. Awesome pics...the drying clothes look beautiful...

  13. Hola Laura, siempre es un placer volver por aqui¡¡¡

  14. wonderful pictures, and the chair is beautiful! I love the scent of the laundry when it has been drying outside. You never sleep so well when you have a sheet that has been drying in the wind.

  15. If I were you I'd sit in your new chair catching some sun while eating the ice cream.

  16. Hope you are enjoying the summer. The chair is beautiful!

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  17. I love how laundry smells after drying in the sun!

  18. I'll try them for you Pooch! I totally see the chair. We'll chat!

  19. These are fun pictures, lovely post, Laura
    Have a happy day xx

  20. Laundry dry outside
    smells always sooooooo fresh :-)

    have a nice sunday
    hugs to all

    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

  21. Great pictures..but where have you been lately??

  22. Hi Laura
    Love those first few washing shots.. perfect colours.. hahaha.. I hope you picked them intentionally.. hehehe..

    Sorry I missed this.. was too busy OS..

    ciao ciao xxx Julie

  23. The laundry's fabulous! The chair even better. Sand it back and paint it a bright colour. I can't believe you're moving when I remember reading a post about you moving to where you've just left. I think ;-) Hope you're well too Pooch :) YOUR squash is fabulous. Hope you've got lots of recipes because it looks like you're going to need them. LOL


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