Monday, May 24, 2010

run around the square

For me, it was my first 5 km run event.

this was my number bib thing.   actually, only the kids ran around the square.... ours was a course around town that started on the square ( it isnt really a square either.  its an octagon, but still you go around the "square") square i guess....

the kids run was first.  they were awesome 

we thought number 70 looked like forest gump (when he was runnin-G)

i liked the guy with the gun

time to run.......
theres our finishing medals wooo !

and there we are.....3 pooches holding the olympic torch.  a local woman had been running with this in beijing.
we got breakfast and prizes and matching t-shirts.  cant beat that

"All proceeds from the event go to the Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund, a Provincial Charity which promotes and donates defibrillators in the name of fallen Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency and Military persons killed in the line of duty".

here is a link to the event

i didnt have the best finish time,
AND, i did finish
most important, it was fun and that leaves much room for improvement.

the next one is june 13 :)

~ all for now... pooch mg

Friday, May 14, 2010

one day by the pond

every spring its a big deal to clean the old leaves out of the pond so the fish have a clean habitat.
these are all pics taken as the sun is shining on the surface

the next 2 are youngest daughter pooch sweet pea's reflection
i was standing across the pond from her

ones name is sushi, one is stick, one is biggie smalls, one is tyrone, one is pauly shore, one is pinner, one is sunjeet, and the rest usually just get called pauly shore

this is a close up shot of the side of a stump beside the pond.

i think the fish are really happy :) 

all for now
~pooch mg

Saturday, May 8, 2010

bluegrass in goderich / i rock

so pooch german girl calls me up one night and asks if im going to the bluegrass show in town.  i didnt even know it was happening so i say c.o.o.l  lets do it

heres a link to their website

i practically have this kind of music in my blood.    i played mandolin as a kid (and i plan to pick it up again), and both my parents played in a band.  my mom played the stand up base and my dad still plays the 5- string banjo.

these guys, altho they looked serious were alot of fun and really rocked the place.

and this is the place they rocked in

i posted about this place before.  its called the livery and is 2 minutes from where i live

take a listen.  this footage is not from the show i saw but its a good one

the rest of the post today is showing part of the collection of beautiful rocks that i share my space with
this one looks like a footprint

these are all gathered from the beach where i live  
i love them

happy mothers day to all the moms out there, and very especially to my momma, janet
i love you a bushel and a peck
all for now
~ pooch mg

Monday, May 3, 2010

i work

here i will make an attempt to show you about the work i do.  its called electron frequency analysis (EFA) and the following are some shots of my studio and the instruments i use.

each group of 6 dials represents a frequency.  i use DNA to look for disturbances in frequency in the tissues of the human body.
during the assessment process, the instrument will help determine the cause of the particular "dis-ease" or symptom

once cause is determined, (eg.  flu symptoms caused by virus in digestive tract and liver) i can set up the instrument to kill the virus using specific frequencies.
we use frequencies to restore balance and homeostasis

so, thats it.  just thought i would share.  
i am self-employed, which gives me freedom, and i never have 2 days the same.
clients can be from anywhere in the world because i work with DNA, therefore distance is irrelevant its always interesting
but thats probably another story.

be well
~pooch mg