Sunday, April 25, 2010

from the depths

i was helping my mom sort the contents/possessions of an older relatives house and belongings as she has now entered a seniors facility.

 it was a strange and interesting experience and i couldnt help but photograph a few of the more eccentric items i came across.   

 this woman was born in england, lived in scotland for much of her life, then came to canada.
if anyone recognizes any of these items, please comment as i am curious of their origin.

some of it is even a bit creepy

the teddy is hand-made and stuffed with horse hair.... really old...

well, thats it for today.  im glad thats over.  its odd to think that someday my descendants will be looking at my things and thinking how eccentric i was.....

cheers to that!
~ the pooch x

Saturday, April 17, 2010

stratford blooms-spring 2010

the pooches explore another festival.   the following are all pictures that i took while on this adventure.
and the first one (top) is actually an ice sculpture
heres what we saw


i love these guys

 we are copycats and have a dublin here.  its really small tho, barely a village, BUT  what they do have  is a huge ornamental concrete place called merv's patio and shewan's ornaments
the buddha guy above is from there.
once pooch special k and i went to a party and said we were from dublin.

the last 2 pics are gourds made into cool planters and bowls.  if you are into gourd craft, here is their website check it out
i have some gourds that i grew and pooch JP, who is a very crafty pooch, is going to help me turn them into something beautiful.

the above 2 shots are of this huge glass tube that pulsed water and different coloured lights to music
cool and unique garden feature for a party, im thinking.... 

thats it!
a long post, and a really fun event

have a bloomin' happy weekend!

~ all for now    pooch morning glory x

Friday, April 9, 2010

maitland trail / we run

i got some sweet new shoes
called 'white lilac lightning'

and a new hat

the following are some shots from the trail where we run,  that is, pooch runner girl, pooch special k and me

the shot above looks like it was altered but believe me, i have no clue how to do that.  its just taken on the other side of the trestle bridge into direct sunlight the same time of day as the other shots  
i think it looks kinda cool

it was so cold out that day, we had to bundle up.
but we were pretending we were charlies angels

thats the huge rock at the beginning.  we always stretch there after our run

well, its still a walk / run but

we rock.

~ all for now  pooch morning glory x