Tuesday, March 23, 2010

jesse cook march 04, 2010

i have been in love with this music for 20 years, and finally got the opportunity to see it live.
and, im SO happy that i did.  i'll never be the same
"Fiery, passionate and percussive guitar work, Moorish rhythms and smouldering onstage charisma – it can only be Canada's Jesse Cook!"- quote from the website

these 2 pics are off the net.  not the best shots, but i couldnt get that close haha

check out his website.  believe me, you will not be disappointed !
* sigh *
volume at least medium haha

the center in the square, kitchener ontario was the venue.  and, a good one
the following are just a few shots from inside

this last pic is special k holding up her cd after the show. wooo!

this youtube vid rocks.

i absolutely love it when an experience changes me....

all for now ~ pooch morning glory

Friday, March 19, 2010

all in good fun

here in canada - and i can only speak for myself - we will do almost anything to break the monotony of a long winter.  yes, even if it means green beer and tacky ( but fun ) accessories.
i think most of it isnt even based in true tradition, but it is fun

thats me on the left, special k and pooch LL ( she took this pic )
the next couple of shots i took while window shopping in stratford

guinness truffles sound pretty good to me


a collection of green things in my kitchen

some pretty drinks before we left

this is the place we went for a couple pints

a couple pints and yes, i was decorated too

this is green shoe girl.  we didnt know her really well, but shes definitely a pooch

and if you ever wonder why we do it......

and... if i give in to the spirit and the contagious joy....
i do feel lucky !

for my grandpa daniel patrick mc myler

~pooch morning glory

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

soma, toronto

road trip toronto included a visit to SOMA chocolatemaker.  i tell you, this is one sexy shop!
check it out

this would be a cool tattoo.
here is a look around the place


pretty heart shaped meringues

sacks of cacao beans.  they use mostly organic fair trade
its a micro-chocolate factory and you can view the workings thru glass

voted "best chocolate "  in Toronto Life and NOW magazine

ooops, i had an intoxicating drinking chocolate called mayan blend  containing ginger, madagascar vanilla, orange peel, chili and a blend of soma spices

cacao pods

see you on the dark side of the mug


all for now~pooch morning glory

Thursday, March 4, 2010

happy things

lately, i have been measuring happiness in moments rather than entire days or events or generalities.
the following photos are moments in which i recently felt very happy.

i LOVE coloured glass.  i just took some random pictures.  the top one is in the kitchen sink, the bottom one in my living room

this little corner of the earth is pretty cool.  its where i live at the moment

this is the newly renovated bathroom.  the old one could have won the "most ugly-assed bathroom" award.  now its pretty.  i think anyone deserves to see prettiness first thing when you wake up

during renos, i had to get a drain kit for the clawfoot tub.  seriously, this picture was on the box.  needless to say i bought that one!  then i cut him out and framed him for the bathroom.  yeah.

olympic mittens i got for christmas

me on new years eve at the beach with special k and a fruit bouquet new years day

*sigh * david bowie

and luiza.  
you seem gentle and sweet and kind. 
i feel happy that people from all over the world can connect and inspire each other and share in this way.

thank you all 

thats it for today ~pooch morning glory