Monday, July 26, 2010

part 2 - madhatters tea party

wow, july is almost over and im just getting to part 2.  its so beautiful outside and so many fun things to do.....
back to the madhatters tea room.  we were just driving along and came upon this place.  since we were all hungry, we decided on high tea, as presented by the girls in charge.

the following are some pics that will show you the inside and a few pics i took in the antique store part

me on the left, special k in the middle and pooch ninja on the right

i cant really say for sure which of these images are their work exactly, but know that some of them are...
they were kind of grouped together

i tend to agree.....

all you need is love.

~ the pooch xo


  1. Oh what fun fun fun...I want that teapot!!! A virtual slice of fruit cake coming over to have with that tea...And I loooove those Beatles pics...What a fabulous place...I'm going to have to come back for another look, especially at John♥ All you need is Love...yeh, Peace and Love to you, Dzintra♥x

  2. ooohhh... that is 1 beautifulll teapot! I want that too! so does that means I have to fight it over with Dzintra? ;)

    Nah, just kidding but I still love the teapot thou'.hehe

    Beautiful place too! I gotta save up some $ and go there 1 day ;)

    Have a great day Laura

  3. What a brilliant place. I love the china. Such a great theme for a Tea Shoppe !!
    ...... and there is the lovely John Lennon, Twiggy and The Beatles. Makes me feel right at home. XXXX

  4. OMG! look at the cake! I am back in training which means eating the right things....and this post makes me want to race out and get an apple pie with cream!!

  5. the pooches sure know how to have fun...time flies when you're sipping tea and eating cake! Thanks for sharing this delightful place for high was really fun to get in on the party.

  6. Yum. I love a high tea. Too true that you pooches know how to live!

  7. Una decoración llena de pop art. más importante que el té parecen los dulces :D

  8. I really love that photo of Paul and the Union Jack. I’d like to own that!!
    Thanks for your visit Pooch and your continued support. Have a glorious summer.

  9. That seems to be a very cozy place full of lovely things to see.

    By the way I posted two pics of the Roxy Music concert at the Oeiras blog on the 23rd in case you like to see them. :-)

  10. Nice collection of cakes at Mad hatters, yummy.

  11. Really, you girls always look like you are having a fabulous time! Looks like a delicious high tea - my favourite meal of the day ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Ohhhhhh, what fun! I love having tea with my ladies!


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